Saturday, May 27, 2017

New DIORSNOW Skincare Review!

I've received these items a couple months back and I finally have my verdict on the skincare items in this range. I have 5 items from the DiorSnow line but for this blogpost, I will only be reviewing the 3 skincare items - DiorSnow Essence of Light Lotion, DiorSnow Brightening Refining Moist Cloud Creme, and the DiorSnow UV Shield. Let's get into it!

DIORSNOW Brightening Light-Activating Micro Infused Lotion

Let's start with this first as it was recommended to me that it's a Must-try item. It claims that its the first brightening moisturising lotion that's enriched with Edelweiss and microcapsules of soothing vitamin E. The product definitely does look like snowflakes floating in the bottle, it was pretty fun to watch it moving around.

However, the product is heavily scented. I love scented product but this is too strong even for me. Everytime I apply on my skin, I felt as if I was applying perfume on my face. No doubt it smells absolutely great and I constantly get compliments from my husband that my face smells amazing but I find myself only reaching out for this product when I feel I want to relax and rest. It's not something I imagined myself using every single day as I don't think my face can take that much of fragrance on a daily basis.

Throughout the time I was using it, it didn't break my skin or cause any irritation. I also find that although it's a gel-like lotion, it absorbs really fast into the skin, which in a way, doesn't make it very moisturising. I found myself yearning for moisturiser as this doesn't seem to do anything to hydrate my skin but overtime, it does help to enhance my skin, making me look slightly rosy and healthier.

DIORSNOW Brightening Refining Moist Cloud Creme

Another scented product but not as strong as the lotion mentioned above. This product is meant for focusing on reducing the production of sebum and target specifically on the oilier areas of the skin. Yes, they definitely felt like it was meant for people with oily skin type as after applying this moisturiser, I felt my skin needed to be moisturised further as it was controlling too much of sebum production.

It's a great product I have to admit. It absorbs well into skin without leaving any residue on the surface which I know a lot of oily skin type people will love. It's just not the ultimate product for dry skin ladies like me. I will still use it in the mean time but only occasionally when I feel the weather is extremely hot and I'm probably going to be sweating a lot. It's definitely a great product to conquer humid weather such as Malaysia's.

DIORSNOW Brightening UV Protection Fluid Luminous Finish SPF50+/PA++++

HANDS DOWN MY FAV SUNSCREEN! I fell in love with this product the moment I tried it in my unboxing haul. Aside with the whole brightening benefits, it has an amazing light floral scent that's extremely rare for a sunscreen.

Personally, I wouldn't have thought that this is a sunscreen as it doesn't have any hint of sunscreen scent in it. It has a light texture with great hydration and easily to apply without leaving a white cast or streaking. Especially these days with the sun and the heat, I never fail to use this every time before I walk out of the house.

DIORSNOW Compact Luminuos Perfection Brightening Foundation SPF 20 PA+++

Have not gotten around to use this yet but reading the claims from the website, it seems pretty interesting as it works to Correct shadows and imperfection, Controls shine which I probably don't need, and to ensure a long lasting Comfort. I might just use this alone to try if it helps cover anything for those times when I just want to go out but look decent. 

DIOR Blush'N'Bloom Palette

Similarly, have not tried this out yet, mainly cause it looks so beautiful that I don't have the heart to dig into it. This will probably go into my pile of "Amazing Makeup Collection That I Like But Don't Use" just because of how aesthetically pleasing this looks.

Thanks Dior Malaysia for these products!


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