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MUST TRY Steamed Snow Crab! \\ Amazing Eateries In Gangwon, Korea.

Best place to eat in gangwon korea

If there's a must eat in my what to eat in Gangwon, South Korea list, this would be on top. There's just something about the taste and the way they serve their snow crabs that are absolutely delightful. And just like most Korea dishes, it doesn't just end with the snow crabs. 

Located in Samcheok city, the exterior of it is quite, well, bright. It was good lightings for my videos though. Plus, they have live sea creatures swimming around in tanks. It's something kids would like to watch, I think.

As usual, there are a variety of side dishes to choose from and normally, I will roughly know what are they. Though, this time around, I was quite sure of some of the things on those plates or whether or not it's cooked. Thus, I mostly only dig into the pumpkin and broccoli. 

However, there's this particular side dish that I'm quite surprise to say that I like it as it was looking pretty raw to me but darn, the fish was so fresh, together with the sauce, it was so good! 

Best place to eat in gangwon korea

The highlight of it all, steamed snow crabs. I love how they brake everything a part of use to consume. Even the legs are individually cut vertically so it will be easier for us to focus on eating. The meat was so tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked. 

Best place to eat in gangwon korea

If you can't finish your snow crab's intestines and meat, they can turn them into fried rice for you. Trust me, just when you thought you've tasted it all, this will continue to blow your tastebuds off, that's if you like the taste of the salty snow crab's intestine flavour. I couldn't take much as I was already extremely full at the end of the meal. 

I was also served ramen in spicy snow crab soup just before the fried rice came, just like the rest, the spicy soup was really delicious. I'll give this restaurant a 5 star rating. 

Restaurant Name: Daegewangguk
Address: 55, Saecheonnyeon-doro, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
Contact: 033-573-8185
Thanks KTO for the experience!

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