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Dior Colour Gradation Spring/Summer 2017 Makeup Collection Review & Makeup Tutorial Video!

I understand that we are probably almost towards Summer but I still want to give a few of the Dior Spring 2017 Makeup items a shout out and show my love. I've uploaded a Spring/Summer Makeup Tutorial on my YouTube channel 4 weeks ago, as well as uploaded the same video on #TehChamLee's Facebook Page which I've embedded it below. It doesn't consist all Dior items but most of them are. Feel free to check it out first. 

I'm very fortunate to have Dior always being extremely generous to send me a whole bunch of products to try and review. As you can see, it's a good mix of products that are extremely gorgeous to the eyes. Honestly, I've only tried a few of them as I some I already have something similar, thus keeping for another day. You can watch the complete unboxing video below or scroll further down for some of my thoughts.  

DiorShow Mono EyeShadow in Early
Let's start with something that I've already tried. The bright green almost neon yellow monoshadow completely screams summer to me. It's super bright and colourful, and I also think that it's perfect for the upcoming Raya celebration. The best part about the monoshadow is that you can blend it out to have a sweet soft wash of colour or you can build up the intensity by layering the shadow. They are super blendable even for someone like me who's a beginner with eyeshadows. 

DiorShow Pro Liner Waterproof in Teal
As for the DiorShow Pro Liner, I seriously thought it was going to be hard to use because of how it looks but oh my gosh, it was one of the easiest mechanical eyeliner to use if you are looking to get a that pencil liner look. It makes it so easy to line in between my lashes, tight line and water line. It claims to be able to get the intensity of a liquid liner, I'm not sure about this in black but this teal or dark green that I own definitely doesn't seem like its giving that intensity that a liquid or gel eyeliner could. Still, I absolutely love this teal shade. Perfect when I wanna switch it up from the regular black. 

DiorBlush Colour Gradation in 001 Pink Shift
I love anything with gradient and I believe this pink will stand out with my skin colour but I couldn't use this in my tutorial as it clashes with my bright green that I have on my lids. I've tried Dior blushes before and I can say that they never fail to impress me.

Dior Colour Gradation 4 Colours Eyeshadow Palette in Couture Nuance
Blue is not my favourite colour when it comes to eyeshadows but I dipped into the lightest shade in this palette for my inner corners and it immediately brightens up my eyes. I'm impressed because usually I have harder time to get those lighter colours to show on my skin tone but this didn't fail me. It's super pigmented and smooth.

Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick in Peach Twist 
It's the one on the right most lipstick in nude peach colour. Extremely beautiful colour and very easy to wear by almost anyone. I love that it's super moisturising on the lips because it's enriched with lipcare oil and it definitely shine like a gloss but without the thick sticky feeling. The only thing I don't see is the gradient part, maybe it's because I have a very strong definition of gradient where I have to see two different intensity of colours meeting half way. So I wouldn't call this a gradient lipstick.

Dior Addict Lip Glow in Berry
Yasss, another lip glow in my collection! Although, I usually don't reach out for my lip glows because I'm obsessed with the Dior Lip Scrub and Lip Maximiser. Trust me, if you want to buy your first Dior item, start with either the Lip Scrub or the Lip Maximiser, they worth every penny. As for this Lip Glow in Berry shade, it gives a light hint of berry colour on the lips just like most lip glows do. It's one of those product that provides flush of custom darker pink with a hint of purple that suits different skin tone. Of course, as usual, super nourishing to the lips.

Dior Rouge Gradient in Red 
This is one product that I am extremely excited about but I still have not tried it yet as I'm holding it off to do a first impressions video. I've swatched them on the back of hand during the unboxing and so far, the colour looks gorgeous, and the sponge tip is soft but I don't know how blendable is this lip gradient yet. So stay tuned!

DiorShow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in Over Night
This is the only product that I probably won't use because it's in bright blue shade. I mean for starters, as mentioned earlier that I'm not much of a blue fan when it comes to anything on my eyes, secondly, I'm kind of over the whole super colourful mascara phase. I really wished this was in black or brown because I've heard so much good stuff about this Iconic Overcurl and it would have been great to have one that I will actually use.

Rouge Dior Brilliant Lip Gloss in Subtile
This is a super thick gloss that gives you that pouty glossy lips. It smells great and it's really moisturising as it's formulated like a liquid balm. It's a little sticky to be honest but that's usually how it is with a super thick gloss that shine up to heaven. Also, the colour that I have is pigmented but it's a little hard to get an even application to make them opaque. It has to be layered a few times with precision to get the colour intensity as shown on the tube. 

Dior Vernis in Early
Same colour as the monoshadow that I've reviewed earlier. I didn't know I can pull this colour off on my nails! I brought it to my nail salon to get them paint this for me as I was due to remove my gel nails before this. I remembered the next day, I had to go down and dirty with a little house cleaning and a whole lot of toilet washing and scrubbing with my bare hands. To my surprise, this nail colour held up pretty well. None chipped at all even after the whole time it being wet and soapy. Impressive. 

Thanks Dior for the generous goodies! 

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