Sunday, May 7, 2017

Chivalry is Not Dead. It's Forever With You.

By the time you are reading this, we would have exchanged rings, say our vows, and be married in the presence of God at your humble home. Even with just the first sentence of this blogpost, I can already feel the sting at the back of my eyes. Tilting my head back slightly, just enough to prevent my tears from surfacing up my cornea. No words could ever truly explain how blessed and happy I am to have this privilege to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the most wonderful and God fearing man I've met in my entire life and there no one else better to grow old with other than you. 

The "Will you go on a date with me" Messages
Thank you for being brave enough to be direct when asking me out for a first date. Knowing that it was your first time officially asking a girl out, I have to give you credit for doing it with so much flare and wit in your words through text and call. I find it extremely adorable. 

First Date Flower
Thank you for putting up with all my first date's must-do and request. Things like getting me flower, opening and closing the car door (even though you completely forgotten to close the door just before we leave my house but it's okay, you learnt quick after that), driving, pulling the chair out for me at the restaurant (even the waitress was smiling at the gesture), paying for the meal, burping, and a crazy amazing conversation throughout the night. Most importantly, thank you for agreeing to meet my mom for the very first time (and receive some interrogation) before going off on our date. I think you did pretty well and my mom likes you, otherwise, she wouldn't have gained a son-in-law today. 

Meeting my mom for the first time before taking me out on our first date.
Thank you for going through the 90 days pre-courtship with me. Being in Acts Church back then, it was quite important for me to give my mentor and huddle leader some time to get to know you better as you were from a different church. It was a little tough because we had to put a break on our strong feelings for each other just to ensure that we are not diving in fully too soon. I believe through this period of time, we have grew to understand better of each others' vision and future as an individual and as a possible future couple. I still remember that sigh of relief when the 90 days was almost over but at the same time, I also remember breaking down in a prayer meeting, fearing that my heart would be shattered again as it once was by a boy. I'm glad I did not back out and chose to love you. 

The bouquet that he hand tie himself! 
The "Will you be my girlfriend" question location.
The breathtaking view and weather at Tamarind Springs Restaurant.
Thank you for making our 'in a relationship' status an official one. With much preparation from your side, it was truly a spectacular one. Little things like hand tie the roses and baby's breath with your own bare hands, bringing me to a beautiful restaurant with delicious food and a great view, and holding my hands while telling me a wonderful story before asking me to be your girlfriend officially. To be honest, I was a little shy but extremely happy. By the way, not forgetting the highlight of it all was frying our popcorn chicken in my house after the dinner because the food at the fancy restaurant wasn't enough. 

First YouTube Video together.

From then on, so much had happened. There were a number of challenging situations and a whole lot of laughter. I can easily confess that I have let out more tears of joy than sadness. I believe even my family knows that you make me smile and laugh a lot. I don't even remember how we got our couple nickname TehChamLee but I remember very well the first YouTube video that we did together because of our love for KFC and McD. I'm glad that I can share this video-making/content creating passion with my partner and we are still at it, building our own channel and Facebook page. Truly, we make a pretty good team. 

This was how you proposed.

Thank you for getting down one knee and ask me to marry you on the 14th April 2016. Thank you for being patient with me by answering all my peculiar questions. It was especially great to hear that you have taken the time to meet up with my parents the day before to ask for their blessings. Though, I know my parents went completely cina by waving their hands and saying "haiya, no need to ask us wan la", still, I'm touched by your courageous gesture as you understand that it was crucial for me to know that you have received their blessings before asking for my hand. 

I truly appreciate it that you continue to open and close the car door for me until now. I appreciate that you will still go Ikea shopping with me even though you dislike being in a crowded place, and even fixed up those annoying Ikea cupboards and bed frame for me when I'm not around. There's really nothing like a man who treats you like a princess every single day. 

Thank you for being the man who leads in the relationship. Thank you for all your encouragements and support in everything I do or want to do in life. Thank you for being a partner who always remind me to keep focus on God no matter what happens, giving me the opportunity to have this whole new level of faith. 

At times, I still can't believe that I get to love you, do life with you, and grow old with you. Nevertheless, I want to thank you for loving me. As of today, we are stuck together, forever baby!


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Jessying said...

So sweet!! He totally score it and pass your exams with flying colors...Now he score a pretty awesome wife.. Hehe!!

Arisa Chow said...

congratulations dear! Have a happy and long marriage together :)