Thursday, May 11, 2017


Yup, we probably didn't see this coming. I didn't know there was such thing as a Bounce-Control Certified sport bra until Triumph announced its latest range of extremely supportive sportswear that doesn't compromise on style. They are Triumph's New Triaction range!

Ever since my new place, I'm been hitting the gym more regularly and sportswear have been more important to me than ever. I think as a lady, it's very important to own a good sports bra for those more intense workout, something that can provide good support for our breast. It makes working out so much easier. Thus, for Triumph to have the idea of having a bounce-control certified range of sports bra and getting us to try them out personally is such a brilliant plan. 

Although the venue is pretty far and parking is rather annoying, I'm glad it was at least a beautiful for some outdoor group workout session and they have a valet service. I was truly super excited when I found out that we were going to do the testing on a trampoline because one, it's a great way to test the whole bounce-control thing that's certified by world renowned Research Group in Breast Health, the University of Portsmouth, and two, I've never tried such exercise before!

Triaction by Triumph are bras that are trendy, extremely supportive, comfortable and no bulk. Their different designs are made to fit different body shapes, which it great because when I was doing my fitting, I realised only some designs suits my body type. I finally decided to go with the one below:

I believe this is the Free Motion WHP (wire half padded) style. It offers high support with 50 to 65% bounce control and made with innovative spacer cups that contain thousands of tiny air pockets like honeycomb that create easy airflow against the body, allowing skin to breathe.

The one interesting things that I found out during the fitting was the back of the bra, you can actually choose if you would like to leave the straps unhook or hook both straps to make it into an X shaped sports bra for even more support and control! I literally went, "Omgosh, that's genius!". This particular one that I own has a wire but it did not make me feel uncomfortable or move around during workout. It did not get in the way. In fact, this bra is super light and pretty breathable. It didn't feel as hot after a workout as compared to other sports bra and it dries pretty quickly after a sweaty session.

The pants (Fit-Ster Short) is pretty comfortable too with its stretchy, breathable, compression fabric that's light and soft on the skin. It also stays pretty dry during workout. However, it is a little short, I don't mind working out with this but not so much on being able to walk in to a grocery store with this pants, so just keep that in mind.

Overall, it was such a great experience. The trampoline workout was definitely tougher than I expected but it was so much fun. I really do like my new workout clothes, they are definitely one that I will recommend to other. If you are interested, feel free to go to the nearest Triumph store to get fitted and try them for yourself! Find The One that makes you move! 

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Thanks Triumph! 

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