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Best Healthy HanJeongSik (Korean Set Meal) In Gangwon Province, Korea!

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On my second day of Gangwon-do, Korea trip, I had the opportunity to try out one of the most authentic Korean Set Meal called Hanjeongsik. This kind of spread is usually consumed by royalties in the old days where they have cold to hot dishes served. Back in the days in Korea, there's actually a specific order when eating Hanjeongsik but these days, they'll usually just serve all at once. I prefer it this way too. 

Best place to eat when in Gangwon Province, Korea

The other great part about having this meal is also the location of this place. The restaurant name SeoJiChoGaTeul, is little house located in Gangneung. Surrounding the house is a beautiful open area filled with trees, river, and a magnificient view of hills and mountains.

Fantastic place to take Instagram worthy pictures! 

authentic hanjeongsik

According to my tour guide, I was told that usually they do not serve meat or seafood along with this Hanjeongsik as it was meant to be cleansing set meal with all vegetables and tofu but because we're Malaysians, lol, we had special dishes such as fish and squid. Also, the chef in this restaurant only uses all organic vegetables, thus, great and healthy for people who wants to give meat a rest for a day.

Personally, I wouldn't say that I love every single dish on the table. Some dishes I really just can't handle it as I'm not used to it. Most of them, I don't even know what are they made of. I can safely say that I personally love their Japchae, the noodles were well cooked and seasoned.

Though I'm not the biggest fan of this meal but I do think it's a great experience on authentic Korean meal. Also, if you are on diet or vegetarian, this would be the perfect place for a meal when visiting Gangwon Province, Korea.

264 Nangok-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do.


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