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Overrated? Veet Sensitive Touch Review [with Video]

Alrighty, let's check out on this new tool that claims to be a game-changing device when it comes to hair trimming. They have cutting blades that are specially designed to never touch your skin during usage, which translates to no risk of cuts. It's a multi-functional tool that comes with various detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair trimming at sensitive body parts, such as eyebrows, underarms, and bikini lines. We'll see about that. :) 

I've done a first impressions video of this product on my YouTube Channel, thus do watch it first! Otherwise, I also have my written thoughts on this tool further down this blog. 

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For starters, I absolutely like that it's a multi-functional tool and it's also a really sturdy one too. Some tools that comes with different heads may actually cause the product to be less effective but this one works well for all and it doesn't feel like any of it is going to fall apart while using. Plus, I personally love gadgets even more when they are made to do more than just one thing. They also have a great packaging that's easy to tear to get into the tools. 

Providing a battery is a great plus point because nobody likes to buy a separate set of batteries when getting a new beauty gadget. It's well packed with proper instructions and details.  

Veet Sensitive Touch Review

The Veet Sensitive Touch comes with a broad range of accessories and they are: 
  1. The handle
  2. Replaceable 2-sided trimming head - 16mm and 6mm for optimal eyebrow shaping
  3. 2mm and 4 mm comb attachment to achieve uniform hair length (for the replaceable 2-sided trimming head)
  4. Styler cap (for the replaceable 2-sided trimming head)
  5. Replaceable bikini trimming head - 20mm
  6. Comb attachment to achieve uniform hair length (for the replaceable bikini trimming head)  
  7. Cleaning brush
  8. Beauty pouch
Veet Sensitive Touch Review

Also, kudos to them for making the tool slim and mobile-friendly. Plus, with the tiny marks and labelling to show where to twist and where to hook it back in, it's really helpful for people who likes to skim through the instruction reading session. For a more detailed look on the tool and accessories, feel free to watch my video review.

Veet Sensitive Touch Review

Let's get on with my personal experience. I will only be using this on my brows for this review because that where I foresee myself using this tool the most and I wanted a gadget that can ease my brow shaping game when I don't have the time to go get them done. Also, I, myself already own a trimmer for the bikini areas and I generally prefer to epilate or wax for my underarms for a much cleaner look for a longer time.

If you've watched my video review, you'll know that I'm not a 100% loving this gadget because my expectation with this product was to be able to help me to get rid of those spares and extra hairs at the bottom of my brows as shown in the picture below. Usually, I will pluck or shave them off, mostly pluck because they last longer before they grow back out. I shave when I want to really shape my brows or for a quick clean up sesh. I had the expectation that this gadget will be able to do the same and to give me that clean look just as shaving do.

In the video, I've only tried going the opposite direction when trying to rid those extras at the bottom of the brow. It did not meet my expectation as I was left with stubs, it did not give a clean surface as how shaving would do. Another fine day, off camera, I decided to give it a second try because maybe I have been doing it wrongly. Watching the video tutorial made by Veet UK, it suggest to go according to your brow direction when it comes to shaping, and the girl in the video got a super clean cut in just "one swipe". So I did as told, following exactly how the girl did it, and it didn't do much of a difference. I'm still left with stubs instead of a clean cut that shaving gives. So I give up in using this as a precise shaping tool for my brows.

However, in the video, I've also used tool with the 16mm and 6mm attachment this to trim my brows and this works perfectly. It made my bushy brows look neat and uniform, I really dig that.

Veet Sensitive Touch Review

Overall, I conclude this as just the perfect tool for trimming, not so much shaping as it left me with obvious hair stubs that is not a very pleasant look. I was a little disappointed at first but to be honest, Veet Malaysia didn't promote this as a shaving tool, it's clearly stated on the box that it's a TRIMMING TOOL. Thus, I shouldn't be comparing this to my razors or pluckers. 

I believe the reason why I was a little taken a back when it didn't really worked for me at first was because of the promotional video made by Veet UK showing me how this beauty tool can possibly replace my mini razors for my brows for life. That super clean cut was what sold me to the idea of this "game-changing" beauty tool, that ultimately made me agree into reviewing this product out when I was approached by Veet Malaysia. 

Below is the promotional video prepared by Veet UK, watch them to know more on how to use the other accessories. 

For me, it's a great brow trimmer but definitely not the ultimate brow tool. Other than that, I will recommend this tool only if you don't already own a trimming tool for your private areas and you are looking to invest one to groom your down below. Trust me, having a good trimmer makes a world difference as compared to using a scissors. It's so much faster and the result is extremely neat groomed bottom. Of course, that's if you don't usually go for Brazilian waxing.

As mentioned, I personally already own a trimmer for my bottom, thus, my main focus was for my brows. I would say that if you are looking for the ultimate brow shaping tool, this is not it. If you are looking for a brow trimmer tool, yes, by all means get this quick as it's a great trimmer for the brows, it made my brows looking super neat.

I think that this would have been perfect if they have packaged (make the exterior look more unisex) and market this for guys because I'm sure there are a lot of guys out there who are looking for a great trimmer for their underarms, side burns, moustache, beard, and even the private areas. It would have been so much more useful for them because if I'm not mistaken, most of their trimmers are rather bulky or at least bigger than this Veet size. So guys, if you are reading this, don't hesitate to get your hands on this gadget as this is a great electric trimming tool! Just don't expect this to replace your razors.

It's easily available at Watsons and Guardian. It's original priced at RM119 but at the moment, Watsons online is selling them for RM112.50 and Guardian online is selling them for only RM99.

Thanks Veet for sending me this product for me to try!

*Product was sent to me for review. This is not a paid post.

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