Friday, April 28, 2017

I've Tried Caffe Bene's New Mangotella & It Was Yumsss!

Chilling with my friends while trying these new Mango and Nutella desserts was truly quite a blast. Everything in Caffe Bene's new Mangotella line were really delicious! Well, okay, first you'll have to be a mango lover like me to be able to fully enjoy these mouth watering treats. 

Caffe Bene's latest seasonal menu is now available till end of June 2017. If you want to try it, you'll have to be quick! 

Check out the video below showcasing some of the Mangotella desserts!

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Weirdly enough, it was my first time at the Caffe Bene's Sunway Pyramid outlet for this tasting session. It was great that they have a huge seating area. Anyway, Caffe Bene's new Mangotella comes with 2 new bingsu flavour, 1 waffle, and 1 smoothie.

The new menu as below:
#1 Mangotella Waffle (RM17.90)
Warm Belgium waffle topped with sweet mango chunks, almond slices and Yogurt gelato. Drizzle with Nutella sauce. 
Generally, Caffe Bene does really good waffle, no doubt this is quite delicious as well. I think if you really want to try the combination of mango and nutella, this is the best way to do it because it's the only one in the new menu that doesn't being overpowered by either the mango flavour or the nutella flavour. You can also choose the option of not drowning your waffle and mango in nutella sauce if you are one of those who loves keeping their food separated and dip as you like. Besides that, the yogurt ice cream really completes the flavour.

#2 Mangotella Smoothie (RM11.90)
A smooth creamy drink with the unique combination of sweet Mango and indulgent Nutella. 
To be completely honest, I can't really taste much of the nutella. It was mostly closer to a mango smoothie, which I don't hate. I really do like mango smoothie, so even if it lacks of the chocolatey taste, I still absolutely dig it. I think the best part of this is that it's not too sweet but then again, it really depends on the mango fruit.

Left - Mangotella Bingsu (RM29.90) 
Right -Mango Yogurt Bingsu (RM29.90)

Mangotella Bingsu
Icy cold bingsu with nutella, mixed nuts and cookies crumble base, topped with sweet mango cubes, their seasonal nutella gelato, and nutella sauce. 
That's quite a bit of nutella there. Lols. After mixing it all together, it end up tasting pretty chocolaty. Mine, some of the mango cubes were a little sour instead of sweet, thus, it really depends. Not exactly a bad thing because it still pairs well with the nutella bingsu.

Mango Yogurt Bingsu
Dig in to sweet icy Mango Bingsu topped with juicy mango cubes and yogurt gelato. 
Not much of a bingsu fan but I surprisingly do like this. I believe it's because of the yogurt gelato that made the whole bowl so yummy. Overall, the combination of mango, yogurt and almond flakes definitely caught my attention. Love this!

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Thanks Caffe Bene for having me!

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