Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How To Do Laundry Without Detergent?! \\ #TehChamLee

What happens when a guy move out from his parents house and starts staying on his own? Apparently, if you are anything like Dexter, you'll start being very aware of other alternatives when it comes to laundry. The last detergent he had was some leftovers from her sister who previously stays there before he moves in. He was stinging on that until recently, he ran out and wanted to replenish it. 

While we were at the hypermarket, he got a shock after finding out the price of detergent these days. TBH, I actually laughed pretty hard cause clearly, he never ever buys household stuffs while living with his parents. I don't blame him cause he really didn't need to worry about those back then. 

Recently, he told me about this 24 hours self-service laundry place where they uses a specific technology that allows us to do our laundry without needing to use detergent. What?! He did his research and also got us an invite to visit Cleanpro Express to learn more during their launch. Fantastic!

We visited the Cleanpro Express in Putra Walk, Seri Kembangan last weekend. The person in charged introduced us to their new water system that allows us to wash without detergent. It's all thanks to Dileka Ionized Water System, an eco-friendly technology from Japan which uses electronic principle with built-in atomic chips. It's designed in a way to generate a complex vortex endlessly caused by both clockwise and counter clockwise when water passes through the system, resulting in increased efficiency in cleaning.

In simple terms, Dileka Ionized Water System is able to extract general home based dirt such as bacteria, easy simple stains and odour. Additionally, it claims to be able to detach minerals from the water, converting hard water into soft water during filtering process that makes it possible to soften clothes without adding softener during laundry.

The science behind Dileka is explained in this video:

Personally, we recommend checking your laundry beforehand to make sure that they are all regular stains, such as sweat, as they do not claim to be able to remove tough stains. Also, if you are washing towels or linens, we still do recommend adding a little softener. 

What we are intrigued and excited about is that their Dileka Ionized Water System is now enhanced with Xpro, an anti-bacteria that kills 99.9% of bacteria on your clothes! So not only your laundry is cleaned but also it's sanitised! This is a great new feature especially for sensitive skin people. 

However, at the moment, not all Cleanpro Express outlet have this new water system. Thus, best to check with them on their Facebook page if the one near you is installed with this new technology. Beside that, there are instructions everywhere in the outlet, so it should be a breeze getting your laundry done. It's also brightly lit with white lights and free Wi-Fi. Coin exchange machine is available as well as reload card system too. 

We've definitely learnt something new that day! If you are interested to find out more or try it yourself, they are also having a launch and promo on the locations and dates below:

Cleanpro Express Puchong Prima - 8 and 9 April 2017
Cleanpro Express Bandar Kinrara - 15 and 16 April 2017

Otherwise, for more information or queries, do visit Cleanpro Express Facebook page.

Thanks Cleanpro Express for the hospitality!

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