Friday, March 3, 2017

Visiting COCO Concept Store In Johor!

With Blogger friends Carinn (left) and Aliza (right). It's been a while since I've seen them!

I was invited along with a few other medias to attend the launch of the new COCO Concept Store in AEON Mall Tebrau City, Johor. It's their first store in Malaysia and they offers Japan-inspired fashion items for both men and women.

It was a quick day trip for us from KL to Johor, attend the event, and then travel back to KL by bus. Long rides but I took the time to catch up on my Saimdang K-drama and finally watched DOTS, which to be honest, it felt a bit dry half way through the series. But anyway, let's talk COCO.

Personally, visiting the COCO Concept store gives me a very Brands Outlet vibe. They sell really reasonable and affordable fashion items that's suitable for everyday wear. For example, a pair of women's jeans only cost RM39 and a Top cost RM19. They are seriously affordable. They are also comfortable enough to wear in a hot and humid weather like Malaysia and they are also very versatile, most pieces allows you to easily mix and match with other clothing items. Most of their pieces are very casual, not so much on the formal side. Though, if paired properly, you could probaly pull off a smart casual look. 

However, I will have to give a heads up that a lot of their clothing are free sized. Even some with actual sizes, thinner petite girls may still find their S size to be too big. I'm not too sure of the men's section but just keep in mind that you'll need time to scout through the store and really try each piece to see if it suits you or not. 

Me happily shopping (Photo source: COCO's FB Page)

and exiting the store with some of their apparels! (Photo source: COCO's FB Page)

Overall, I don't mind shopping here as occasionally, I do find some of their clothing to be pretty great at a reasonable price. Especially those shirts that I want it to be loosely fitted to ooze a casual street style look as well as their cardigans and windbreakers, those are pretty worth buying too. I would definitely love to do a lookbook video but I don't think I have enough piece at the moment, we'll see how in the future.

If you are not anywhere near Johor, don't worry, I heard that they are making their way to Klang Valley soon. Follow COCO Concept Store's Facebook Page to get updates on their new stores and promotions!


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