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Mon Chéri Pore Eraser Primer & Petale CC Cover Review \\ JQLeeJQ

I've been using these for about a month now and it's not all great. I know the existence of Mon Chéri in Malaysia and it has been around for quite a while now but this is my first time trying them out. The two products that I have from them are the Mon Chéri Lumiere Complexion and Pore Refiner Pore Eraser primer and the Mon Chéri Petale CC Cover cushion. They both the latest product from the brand and let's see they are any good for my skin. 

As a teaser, I can safely say that I like the Mon Chéri Lumiere Complexion and Pore Refiner Pore Eraser primer better as it works as it claims and a little goes a long way. Check out the video review below with demo that I've uploaded on YouTube. Otherwise, if you prefer to read, more info further down this blogpost. 

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Mon Chéri Lumiere Complexion and Pore Refiner Pore Eraser primer (30ml, RM110)
As mentioned earlier, this primer works pretty well for me. It fills in my pores perfectly, making a smooth canvas for the foundation to go on and it sits well with most of my favourite foundations. I only have a hard time trying to get the product out as the way it dispenses product out is rather limiting, which on the bright side, making sure we don't over squeeze too much product out. It's a silicon-y nude paste that does make my skin feels smooth after applying them around my T-zones and my under eyes. It also helped to make my face makeup last longer. Thus, as a primer this is pretty good. Also, 30ml is quite a bit go through, I don't use much each time, I believe this can last me a good couple of months. However, it states that they also have some kind of brightening and anti-ageing properties in it. I can't vouch for that as I can't tell the difference within a month of usage. 

Mon Chéri Pétale CC Cover in Natural Beige (RM135)
I really, really wanted to like this cushion because it's my first try on cushions with a mesh topping and it covers really well. It's just unfortunately that the foundation doesn't stick to my skin, even with the Mon Chéri primer mentioned earlier, it seem to come off too easily if I don't set them with loose powder, and it has to be lighted dusted on the face because if I overdo just the tiniest bit, it will start caking my face up.

Additionally, if you watched my video review, I've mentioned that on the first try, it greased up my face as it seemed as if the oils from the foundation are separated and surfaced to the top. Making my first impression on this cushion a terrible one. Though, after wiping the first layer out, I gave it a second try and I seem to quite like it because of the great coverage I immediately see. Though, I quickly come to realised that although it looks absolutely, it doesn't set on my skin. I often accidentally scrap or move my foundation from my face while I am meticulously doing my eye makeup.

I've heard some people actually do like this cushion, maybe it's just not for me and my skin type, you don't always find every beauty product a win. So, do more research on your side if you are interested to try this out. :)

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Thank you Mon Chéri for this collaboration!

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