Tuesday, February 14, 2017

LPG Non Surgical Face Lift Face Treatment At The Laureate, PJ (Review)

I am honoured to have the opportunity to try a session of the LPG Face Treatment by The Laureate Signature, PJ . I've seen this machine before at another facial place but never tried them personally. Thus, my knowledge of this is merely understanding that it massages the face, somewhat. 

After digging deeper, I've found that LPG Endermolift is a non-surgical face lifting and slimming technology from France. The Endermologie technique is pretty much a mechanical work out for the skin. It delivers micro-beats to stimulate your cells' natural production of collagen and elastin. There's no zapping by electric current, no injections, and no chemicals. Overtime, it's said to be able to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, re-awaken dull complexion, improves under eye bags and circles, firms the skin, and reduces double chin. I wouldn't say why not but this result can only be seen if you do it often enough. 

The Laureate Signature, PJ, is actually a house. I wasn't sure at first as there wasn't any signage outside other than the no.101 that was a little small in my opinion. It's not completely hard to find the place, just need to keep an open eye as it's along a pretty congested road during peak hours. If you missed it, you'll need to take a big u-turn. Though, the upside to this place is the ample parking space, and it's free for customers. 

Check out the video below to see how the LPG Machine works. 

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This is how the LPG machine looks like. They have different course and different intensity depending on your skin needs, as well as type massaging heads for face treatment. The smaller one is to target the delicate areas such as under eyes and around the lips. 

I was ushered into a room that can house two customers at once. The room is a little small, and the changing room attached to it is also shared. So if privacy is a huge deal for you, you might want to request if they allow a private room for you. Half way through my facial, I can hear my neighbour was done and packing up to leave. It wasn't disturbing for me but I know it can be a nuisance for some people. 

Well, that aside, let's talk about the LPG treatment. The massaging heads both works in a way where they open and close their flaps throughout the treatment, varying in intensity and speed. The machine noise may see a little loud but it's repetitiveness somewhat calms me down and encourages me to sleep during the treatment. 

Plus, technically, this is a face massage. I expected nothing less than feeling relaxed and true enough, this treatment was extremely comfortable. No pain, only soothing throughout the process. If I wasn't busy trying to take video and pictures, I can honestly say that I can fall asleep. This is how relaxing this treatment is. 

The process starts off with regular double cleansing and serum, then LPG machine all over the face, and end it with mask and moisturiser. Seeing the before and after picture below, it's hard to tell if it lifted my face in any way but if you look closely, it seemed to have helped in reducing my eye bags. I personally do feel good after the treatment, I mean, I feel good after almost any kind of facials, but this was more like, feeling rejuvenated due to the massage that the LPG machine provided. Ignore my skin colour, the sun was setting and the lighting in the room made me look super sunkisssed. 

After the treatment, over the days, I didn't have any breakouts or sensitive reaction happening. If anything, probably my radiance enhances due to all the collagen being active for a couple of days. I think this is a great treatment to do if you want that instant glow for an event. Do it 1 or 2 days before the big day/event, it will help since there are no extractions that will leave markings. 

Thanks The Laureate For Having Me! 

The Laureate Signature 
(Beside Maktab Koperasi Malaysia) 
Jalan Templer, 
Seksyen 7, 
46050 PJ, Selangor.


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