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Jonlivia Sliming Shaper Shirt Review And 4 Ways To Style Them!

I was contacted by Jonlivia try out their Sliming Shaper Shirt. They are known to be able to help you look slimmer with more shape when you put them on. Plus, it claims to be able to assist in firming and toning your abdomen muscles too. Sounds great, right? I wouldn't say no to something that can help to enhance my body shape. 

Before I get into my personal thoughts about the Jonlivia Sliming Shaper Shirt, and a few of their other products, check out how I style the Sliming Shaper Shirt in 4 easy ways! 

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Jonlivia Sliming Shaper Shirt (RM200.00, currently on promotion - RM120.00)

I was told that this is an amazing piece of clothing and I personally do believe in investing in a good quality innerwear or outerwear, there's really no more rules these days. Especially innerwear or shapers, they are not something that you buy many, just a few that you are comfortable in and help you look good when you wear it underneath other clothing.

I have to admit it was tough getting it on at first because it doesn't come with any zipper or buttons to loosen it. Thus, it does need some practise putting them on and taking it off but definitely doable as you don't have to worry about not being able to reach the zip or buttons.

It was a little tight at first but it's common as most shapers work the same way. Though, it's not overly tight, it just feels fitting and firm. It did made me feel like it's working it's sliming magic, making me feel firmer on certain areas. As for design, I think they have thought about it well. I love how it has a wide shoulder straps as it does make wearing this so much more comfortable. I like that it has lace tube top that makes the peek-a-boo action much sexier because I have too many low cut tops or jackets that needs a nice innerwear to pair with.

It's not fully bulge-proof as I do see a little bulging happening when I lean my body to my left or right and I do need to fix the bottom end part once in a while as it does roll up occasionally when I keep changing my clothes for the video shoot. Though, it might not be a big problem because when I wore them with just one outfit, they seem to stay put pretty well with no roll ups.

Finally, I absolutely love how the back is designed as they seem to make me or remind me to stand up straight to keep my posture in check. Truly, it does improves body posture and that's really important as it helps reduces the strain on my shoulder and back. Overall, I do like it very much. After it's on, it's pretty comfortable and I can truly wear them all day even underneath other clothes as they are made with net yarn fabric, making it super breathable.

Other than the Sliming Shaper Shirt, I was also given the Jonlivia Hotpants, Seamless Panty, and a Arm Shaper. Here are my reviews on these other products:

Jonlivia Hotpants S+ Full Length (RM188.00)

I've also featured the Jonlivia Hotpants in the video, you can check them out there. I really like this hotpants a lot because of it's fabric technology. It's made of high-tech fibers that increases body heat while in contact with the skin and it provides higher compression which resulting in the possibility of more sweat. The inner layers increase your body temperature that makes you sweat while the outer layer is made in a way to keep you feel dry on the outside. Plus, with the compression effect, it also suppress the jiggling of your wobbly bits and assist in the overall toning of your body.

All claims are actually quite accurate in my opinion. The pant's material is pretty think and it does make me sweat a lot more without me noticing until I took them off. The best part was, I wasn't even working out, I was wearing it to do my regular daily routine! The pants made me feel like I've done my workout of the day without actually doing much. Additionally, I thought I wasn't quite impressed with the fitting over the crotch area because it seem to be a little loose as when you move your legs, you can see that it's like there's extra fabric there but then I realise that it was so much more comfortable this was as it doesn't tug around that area or making me conscious about me forming a camel-toe for the world to see. So overall, I do like them and I can see myself wearing them pretty often because it's comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

Jonlivia Seamless Panty (RM22.00)

Well, there's really nothing much to say other than it's like most good seamless panties that I've owned. I'm glad that they have them because I've mostly been only wearing seamless panties when I wear my yoga pants. You really have no choice if you are wearing a fitted type of pants or dresses, it's either seamless or a thong, guess which one is more comfortable? All I can say is that they are made out of a comfortable fabric that does tug and truly seamless. So if you need one, it's pretty good.

Jonlivia Arm Shaper (NA)

I don't think they are selling this on their website and I did not feature them in my video because it didn't fit well. It was a too tight for my arms and making the parts that I not covered by the arm shaper bugling out. Imagine squeezing a balloon with water in it, yup, basically like pushing my fats to the other parts that I not squeezed by the shaper. It could just be my arms or I probably just need to get it in a bigger size to fix this problem. If you are interested in this, you can drop them an email or a FB message.

Overall, I do think they have pretty good stuffs and does most things that it claims to do. They also have a few items for guys that looks pretty good too. 

For more information on any of these items, do check out their Jonlivia Body Perfecting Fashion website or Jonlivia Facebook page

Thanks for collaborating with me Jonlivia!

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