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HUAT From The Inside For CNY While Keeping It SEXY For Valentine's!

Have you seen Triumph's latest Red Collection? They are gorgeous and in line with this year's Chinese New Year as well as Valentine's Day. What's not to love?! It's vibrant, energising and has a lucky hue. It's perfect to help gather the Chinese New Year luck into your life while keeping it sexy just in time for Valentine's Day! 

I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to see and try most pieces from the Triumph's Red Collection. I mean, nothing like a new bra to push those confidence up this festive season and of course, to help conquer the rest of the year in style! Triumph launched five very different types of bras for this collection as they all does different wonders to different wants of body types' needs.

The five bra types from the Red Collection:

Aqua Enhancer
This is a maximiser that enhances your A to C cup-looking boobs almost instantly. This allows you to show off your new cleavage with a natural bounce every step thanks to the lightweight Aqua cushion inside.

Cleavage on Demand
This has a little beautiful satin lace ribbon at the centre specially for women who likes to be able to control the amount of boobie-boost they want for the day. With so much power in your hands, nothing can stop you from celebrating the sensual you everyday.

The perfect piece even for the most unforgiving top as it has a unique 45 degree angled bones for ultimate cleavage centralisation and high side panels to smoothen the most stubborn bulges to create beautiful silhouette instantly. This gives you the maximum support without compromising elegance and shape.

Magic Spencer
Looking for something light? The Magic Spencer with innovative 3D 'specer' cups promotes easy airflow and counteracts perspiration by allowing your body to breathe. It's designed with thousands of tiny air pockets in a honeycomb like structure that encourages air circulation against the skin, keeping your body fresh and dry. This also means it offers you the lightest and most airy experience ever!

Shaping Bra
If you are much fuller than the rest of us, well hallelujah because being blessed with beautiful big boobs need a specially crafted-shaped cup fabric to mould that rounder, fuller bust, to uplift them for an overall more youthful and voluptuous look. It's designed with extra-high side panels with strong bones, non-slip straps and a U-Back style impart for added support and stability while ensuring perfection from every angle.

I was invited to Triumph's Mid Valley outlet to select two sets of bras and panties from the Red Collection for myself. I kind of knew what kind I wanted but I still tried on most styles that were recommended for me. No harm trying them out. I skip the one with deep V cut as I don't usually wear outfits with a deep V without a camisole. Thus, I usually go for something that I can wear daily with a good overall support and of course, comfortable. 

My initial thoughts were the Magic Spacer and the Shaping Bra because those looked the most everyday wear but when I tried them out in the fitting room, boy was I wrong. I ended up liking the Butterfly (that was recommended by them) and the Aqua Enhancer better. I feel more me when wearing them and they look way better on me than the ones I thought I wanted. They are both also what I needed in my life, complementing my lifestyle. Thus, a huge tip for you while going bra shopping, always give other recommended bras a try during fitting session. 

I love the Triumph's Red Collection in Butterfly because they truly does what it states, support. It cups my breast well, making me feel safe. Along with the ability to hide some bulges around my underarm and back is fantastic. Additional, this is the only one among the whole Red Collection that I feel makes me stand up a little straighter, basically help reminding me of my posture. The design is no doubt gorgeous with gold string popping out from the flowers, it's just unfortunate they ran out of the matching panties. Thus, I ended pairing this with a seamless boy cut panties. 

The other style I got is the Triumph's Red Collection in Aqua Enhancer and it's matching panties! I think I kinda do like it when it's a match, lols. Back to the bra, I already owned one Aqua Enhancer bra from Triumph and yes, it is quite comfortable because of the water-like feeling supporting your boobs. It's like sleeping on a waterbed, it kind of moulds your boobs into the bra in a unique way and at the same time helping it to push those babies up. Yes, it does fills it up quite nicely. So for me, I didn't wanted to get this initially cause I wanted to try something else but hey, nothing else, other than the Butterfly style, seem to look and feel better on me than this. So Aqua Enhancer it is. This design has a more muted red as compared to the super bright red as the Butterfly design, and I got the matching panties in a seemless boy cut style too! Btw, this matching panties is so freaking sexy, just look at the back. xD

They are having a promotion of BUY 3 FREE 1, BUY 5 FREE 2, and BUY 6 FREE 2 from the Red Collection. Also, their E-Shop is celebrating a 1-year Anniversary Promotion of 20% off on selected items from their online store. Just use the Promo Code: 1YEAR 

For more information, visit Triumph's Facebook Page or Triumph's Website

Thank you so much Triumph for inviting me on this Find The One from their Red Collection journey. :D 

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