Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year's Eve Makeup With Dior's 2017 Limited Edition Holiday Collection! \\ Video Tutorial + Review!

Hello everybody! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Since I've been creating contents for YouTube for a while, I thought why not join the fun with other beauty youtubers and create my own New Year's Eve look. 

Dior was kind enough to send me a few products from their Limited Edition 2017 Festive Collection and I thought it was the best time to try them out. Thus, this video tutorial features a lot of Dior items. 

The Dior Limited Edition 2017 Festive makeup is called the Precious Rocks collection. The design of each of the products are absolutely gorgeous. Just like last year, it didn't fail to wow me with their gorgeous packaging. The inspiration came from precious gems and jewel tones, mixed with a cool attitude of the modern Dior woman. 

Personally, this is way more makeup that I usually wear but if you need more glam, feel free to add more glitter, wing liner, or even contour your face if you wish. Check out the tutorial below and see how some of these new products performed. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mamonde 2017 Holiday Collection Unboxing!

"So Prettyyyyy!"

That's the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw the packaging in person. Mamonde themed these 'Flowers for Me' because they want to remind people that they should start rewarding themselves this year as most often people tend to forget about themselves when the buy presents for others during this festive season.

Momonde's Flowers for Me Holiday Collection 2017 consists of 4 gift sets. I was sent two sets and I've unboxed them in the video below for you to have a closer look at how they packaged them inside.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

When I Finally Be The Person I Decided To Be...

After being in the blogging industry for so many years and started my YouTube video journey for a year now, I can honestly say the world or specifically, the internet, can be pretty mean. Even if you are the nicest person on earth and you are just doing something that doesn't hurt anyone, some people online loves criticising others even without a valid reason. I've been called unpleasant names, told that my reviews or videos are horrible, and so on. All these were not said in a nice way, it was meant to be hurtful.

It was tough when I first received all these negative comments and it was extremely demotivating. I had the intention to quit and remove myself from the internet completely even though blogging and producing videos are my passion. That's until I had a proper intrapersonal session. I told myself that I'm not the kind of person to quit something I love doing just because of those few negative feedbacks and personal attacks. I shouldn't let their opinion distract me from my decision of pursuing this career path.

From then on, I've chose to deal with this issue by learning how to control my emotions and learn how to not care about what others have to say after internalising their comments and find them to be non-relavant. I've decided to be the person I wanted to be and live life on my own terms, not what others have to say about me.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Achieving Natural Beauty With This New Japanese Makeup? \\ Sugao Review & Demo!

Mentholatum Malaysia (the awesome brand that also sells hada labo and lip ice) recently launched a new Japanese makeup brand in Malaysia. It's call Sugao and at the moment, it has a series that draws on naturality, sheer, lightness, and softness in makeup. 

Sugao is apparently a Japanese word that means bare, natural face. It's a brand that offers light makeup that gives a natural "transparent feeling" on the skin. In layman's term, makeup to enhance your natural beauty. 

They 4 products so far but I only received 3, thus, I'll only review the 3 that I've got. Do check out my video review and demo below first!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Almost EDIBLE Lipstick?! Antipodes Moisture Boost Natural Lipstick Review [+Video]

I recently received a few lipsticks from a brand called Antipodes, one of the trail-blazing organic skincare brands out there today. Their products mostly offers powerful antioxidant protection with scientifically validated anti-aging results. 

Basically, they pride themselves for their great anti-aging skincare products. However, here, we'll find out if their lipsticks are any good. From their website, they have way more than just 3 colours. Thus, feel free to go check them out yourself if you are interested after reading this blog review. 

These lipsticks are called the Antipodes Moisture Boost Natural Lipstick and they claim that it's so healthy that you can almost eat them. On the website, the product description for this lipstick CLEARLY STATES that IT'S EDIBLE! Because they are made out of natural ingredients. 

Before we go more into my wordy review, do check out my video below first. :)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

A VERTICAL CURLER?! Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler Review [+Video First Impressions]

Oh yeah, just when you thought hair curling tools can't get any better, think again! A vertical curler is the new in thing and after trying it myself, I'm hooked. Not that I'm any good with a conventional curling iron, in fact, I really dislike curling my own hair because it takes too long, my arms gets very tired, the curls doesn't seem to last on my hair, and I'm just bad at it in general. Due to all these factors, as much as I love having curly and wavy hair, I kept it plain to avoid the hassle and the frustration. But this new tool changes everything!

Philips launched the StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler recently and it quickly became my dream curling wand because it was just so easy to use. Curling in reality became effortless thanks to its innovative smart curling system. 

Watch the video below to see how it works on my hair!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

How To Clean Your Washing Machine? #TehChamLee

As a newlywed, we had no idea (nor plans) that we needed to clean our washing machine. To us, as long as it doesn't look dirty on the surface, it's pretty much okay with us. However, what can't be seen through our naked eyes doesn't mean it's clean. Apparently, it's possible for bacteria to find ways getting onto your clothes. Additionally, molds may appear which causes unpleasant odour. 

After doing some research, traditional way of deep cleaning your washing machine includes calling a technician to dismantle your washing machine so they can clean them, and this usually cost around RM300. Geezz...

Personally, we really thought our washing machine was pretty clean since it's quite new but we were still pretty interested to see if using a washing machine cleaner would really work. Thus, we decided to give this Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Schelly a go. It's said to be one of the best seller in Taiwan and it's easy to use without costing too much. It's claims to removes up to 99.9% bacteria, stubborn build-ups, odours, and prevents molds. It's also lab-tested (SGS Labs) which ensured no harmful chemicals were used to make this product. 

Watch the video below to see how it works!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

THROWING MY MAKEUP :( When It's Spring Cleaning Time... Makeup Junkyard

Being the hoarder I am, I always dread the time to clear all my things. I've been delaying shooting this particular video because I know it's going to be a super long one and I wasn't ready to say goodbye to some of my favourite old stuffs.

Of course, I did get some joy out of this. Walking into a cleaner and neater room feels pretty good. Only keeping stuffs that I use often, need, and really, really want is quite a satisfying feeling, like a sense of achievement.

Plus, this is my first time editing such a long video. I believed I've spent more than 5 hours to shoot this video and a long time to edit this 36-minute video. I was so exhausted after everything yet relief that this is finally done.

Hope you enjoy this video!


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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Justice League - Worth Every Hype!

Thank you 20th Century Fox for inviting us to the media preview of Justice League. As you can tell, we specially took time off from work just to watch this movie as it's one of the most anticipated movie of the year. It's one that you shouldn't miss. 

I'm not much of a comic fan, thus I don't know much about the characters other than Superman and Batman. Wonder Woman was introduced to me from it's recent movie and Flash, I've learnt a little about him from the series. Other than that, Cyborg and Aquaman are two pretty new characters to me. 

Overall, I personally do like the movie. The story was well told accompanied by nice angle shots, great background music, and a good load of humour. Totally worth the hype and your money to watch it in the cinema! 


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Friday, November 10, 2017

Travel Light With Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box! \\ Review + Video Demo

I am so glad to have this box! Mainly because I've been wanting the Peripera Luggage set for a while now. It was super timely when Althea announced the review opportunity for this beauty box. 

If you don't know, yes, Althea don't just sell affordable and authentic Korean makeup on their site, they have been coming up with new concepts specially for consumers. They've recently came up with they first product, the Althea Petal Velvet Powder, which have been raved by many beauty bloggers, and for a while now, they've been producing specially curated limited edition beauty boxes. I've reviewed some of them before (Unboxing, 2nd Birthday, Birthday Beauty Box) but if you want to know more about Althea's Beauty Boxes, check them out here

This time, the beauty box I got is the Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box that cost only RM114.00 but actual worth of RM374.00. Generally, their beauty boxes are really valuable. Thus, many times, they do sell out pretty quickly too. I've done a video below showing the products and how I use them. If you are interested in a more in depth review of each products, feel free to scroll further down. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

He Surprised Me! + Awesome 50% Discount Hotpot Place In PJ! \\ Vlog \\ #TehChamLee

If we are craving for a little steamboat, we almost always go to this particular HotPot place in PJ. It's call the Red Inn Hot Pot located at Tropicana Avenue. The many times we go there, the food rarely disappoint. We brought a few of our friends there too and they love it too, mostly thanks to the 50% promotion that they have everyday between 4pm-6pm.

For more info, here's Red Inn Hot Pot FB Page but it's all in Cina words la. Oh btw, it's non-halal. 

Additionally, apparently 3rd November is a special day that I didn't know about but Dexter being the awesome husband, he surprised me with a scrumptious cake! 

We are trying to do more vlogs, hopefully one day, we'll be able to get into the routine of attempting daily vlogging. It's gonna be a challenge but we are pretty excited about it :D


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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Neutrogena New Hydrogel Mask & Capsule Sleeping Mask Review [+ Video]

I love hydrogel mask. So of course, I want to try it out when Neutrogena approached me for this review. Plus, I thought it would be fun to have Dexter join me in this video too. 

They also sent me their sleeping mask capsule which I'm less excited about but have tried it and reviewed in further in this blog. For now, do watch our video for a little entertainment while having a closer look on the new Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Is Nitro Coffee Just A Hipster Hype? Or Is It Really Healthier?

We first learnt about the existence of Nitro Cold Brew from one of our favourite local cafe nearby our place. Ever since then, the term Nitro Cold Brew Coffee kept popping up from different popular cafes and now, even Coffee Bean serves them. We love our nitro thanks to its silky smoothness that's almost similar to a cold draft beer, specifically, Guinness-like but without the alcohol, of course, we had to try them when we were invited to Coffee Bean's little gathering launching the new Coffee Bean's Nitro Cold Brew. 

However, with all these buzz about nitro coffee lately, its only natural to question if it's just a temporary hipster hype or does it provide any sort of benefits like coffee do? Scroll on to read more or you can check out, how does Coffee Bean's Nitro Cold Brew look like, how I tapped my own cup of nitro, and find out what we won while we were at the event in the video below!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


If you are not updated with the beauty world, well, there's this new "Glass Skin" Trend/Hype going around recently where ladies from Korea started boasting about achieving a super glossy skin, as shown in the circle picture above. It pretty much looks like she has a layer of shiny wax/oil on her skin, either that or a whole load of highlighter. 

As much as I am a big fan of super dewy skin, this whole "Glass Skin" trend may be a little extreme for me when living in Malaysia. The weather just won't permit it. However, I wouldn't say no to having "Glass Skin" if I'm in Korea during winter. Especially if I'm visiting mountainy places like PyeongChang in Gangwon-do, or by the sea area like Gangneung in Gangwon-do, it would have been the perfect layer to protect my skin from the harsh, dry, and windy weather. 

However, recently I did a first impressions on the Mamonde's New Brightening Watery Cushion that they've sent me a few weeks back and omgosh, it was so, SO DEWY on the skin. However, is it similar to the "Glass Skin" concept? Watch my video below to find out or read further for more info!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

What I Love About My New Autumn/Winter 2017 Triumph Triaction Sportswear!

Triumph's Triaction was launched earlier this year and I have to admit, that collection itself was pretty awesome. The sports bras are supportive in their own ways and known for being Bounce-Control Certified, while the pants is something that I never thought I would like but ended up wearing them pretty often for gym sessions. It's a bottom that I feel I can wear any kind of panties inside that won't show my pantylines and at the same time, the short tights inside is protects me from being exposed, which I had to keep watch when I wear a regular running shorts.

Read: Bounce-Control Certified Sports Bra
Watch YT: My Current Fav. Gym Pieces!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Do We Really Need UberEATS?

UberEats invited TehChamLee to try out their new food delivery app and also to learn more on how to use Uber's app to its maximum capacity. I think for me, I'm more interested in trying out the UberEats app even though it's not delivering on PJ yet but we all know it's definitely coming. 

However, for riding UBER like a pro, most of the features are something that I either already know or they are a feature that I know I'll never use as they are more business related feature. However, this one feature peaked my interest. 

Did you know that you can now "Request For A Guest"? It's going to be such a helpful feature especially for kids to request a ride for their parents or elder people who are not tech savvy. Above shows you how it works. 

Now for the main highlight, check out our vlog to see what happened when we were at UBER's HQ.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

NO FOUNDATION Easy Makeup Look With DIOR + Product Review [Video Tutorial]

I'm back with another makeup with Dior video :D So glad I finally collected my items from my parents' place and am able to play with these goodies in front of the camera. 

I've decided to do a No Foundation video because sometimes, I try to wear as little skin makeup as possible as I would like to let me natural skin shine through as well as letting it breathe after a good facial session. 

For this video, I used some Dior products that I already have while most of them are new. Check them out below, otherwise, scroll down for the review of some of Dior's new products that I received!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Here's Your Chance To Get Rid Of Your Old Bras!

Neubodi Bra Drive is one campaign that I've been supporting for a while now and this year, it's no different. I think it's a great way to get rid some of your old bras and at the same time, helping others. This yea, in conjunction with the International Breast Cancer Awareness month

How it usually works is that you, as a supporter, donate your used yet still in okay conditioned bra to Neubodi by dropping them off at the "Bra Banks" available in most Neubodi outlets. Then, people from Neubodi will filter all bras and donate these gently-used items to victims of sex trafficking, this will enable their rehabilitation into society as they earn a livelihood selling these second-hand bras. Beneficiaries of the "DONATE" initiatives are communities in Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, India, and Africa, including those in poverty for whom bras are sought-after essential item - providing comfort and self-esteem.

Friday, October 20, 2017

We Got Bones Cracked! \\ A REAL CHIRO EXPERIENCE! \\ #TehChamLee

Oh yeah, we finally did it after all the late nights watching other people getting their backs cracked on YouTube. We finally consulted a professional to find out what's wrong with our  body and get some relief out of it too. 

After going through the Gonstead Chiro Method, I found out that most loud bone cracking sounds in chiro videos are not quite real. They are FOLEYS! Also, just by visiting your Chiro once is not going to make much of a difference. It's more than just getting your bones cracked once. It's a process where you are required to go back weekly or fortnightly especially at the beginning stage. 

We hope this video helps shed some light on real life chiro process so you'll know what to roughly expect if you are interested to visit a chiro yourself. 

Hope you enjoy and learn something!


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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Did you know that Malaysia has our own brand of slow juicer? Thanks to a friend, Carole, for introducing this to me. I managed to collaborate with them and try out their juicer. 

It's call the Crego Silent Swirl Juicifier with the motto of 'The Ultimate Way Of Juicing". It looks pretty similar to a lot of other vertical slow juicer out in the market but pricing wise, truly, Crego is considered pretty reasonable (RM899) for people who are interested in a slow juicer for home/personal use. 

I have an unboxing + assembly demo + first test + cleaning demo video for you all below: 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Nude Lip Set Review \\ First Impressions + Swatches

Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Nude Lip Set Review \\ First Impressions + Swatches

Yeay to my first lip swatch video! Okay, not quite true, I just remembered doing one for Mary Kay sometime back but I'm super glad that I'm doing one again and this time, is the new Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Nude Lip Set.

I rarely buy makeup these days but if I do, it has to be at a really good price. I almost did not get this lip set as I was trying to convince myself that I really don't need anymore lipsticks but after stumbling upon Sephora's FB feed again with the swatches, SOLD!

Check out my video below to have a better look at the box and the individual lippies. Otherwise, written review further down this blog.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Millennials Are Financially DOOMED! \\ The Broke Millennial \\ #TehChamLee

In this topic, they touched on money. Are millennials truly broke or are we just spending too much on extra things such as Starbucks and iPhones? Do we really need to own a car in Malaysia? Or a house?

Hope this video helps! :D


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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

5 New Things About Guardian Malaysia That You'll Love!

Guardian in Malaysia used to be a place that I visit when I'm looking for a pharmacist or medicines. They were never my choice of visit when I'm looking for beauty products. Until now.

A few of the Guardian outlets in Malaysia had gone through a revamp and boy oh boy, the new Guardian concept store is magnificient! I had the opportunity to visit the fourth revamped outlet in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall last month, truly, they did an amazing job. It has a really fresh and clean look to it which ultimately enhances customers' shopping experience overall.

Here are few things that I like (and I believe you will too) about the new Guardian's Concept Store.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Moving Into Some Millennial Shit... Are Millennials Really Entitled, Easily Offended & Unreliable?

If you have not seen this video floating around Facebook last week, that's because you have not followed #TehChamLee on Facebook and YouTube yet. If you like topics about millennials, do subscribe and follow us on any platforms as #TehChamLee is expanding!

We are starting a series called The Broke Millennial where we discuss about current topics that relates to us millennials. Of course, it can be produced by two millennials but we can't be the only one giving certain advice here. It's always good to listen from a non-millennial's point of view too to make this as neutral as possible.

Of course, we will still do our regular videos because, well, it's us. Lols. We like doing funny stuff. But at the same time, producing The Broke Millennial is something that we are extremely excited about as it's a content that we feel can benefit a lot of us, our peers and the other generations out there.

Hope you enjoy!


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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Day I Gave Up On Instagram, It Changed My Life.

I was toying with this topic for a while now and finally decided to pen it down. As stated on my title, I have given up on Instagram and to be completely honest, it's one of the best decision I've ever made in my life. 

If you are wondering "BS, your IG account is still up and you are still posting pictures and stories...

Yes, I am. Let me clarify that when I say I have given up on Instagram doesn't mean that I'm going to the extreme of shutting my account. I still enjoy using it to keep up with my friends' life and to see what's new happening in some of my favourite YouTubers' life. Of course, on and off, I like using it to join contest to win something that I want. I still do enjoy using the platform. 

However, what I've given up is my obsession with it. I stopped being overly concerned about the number of followers I have. I stopped worrying why the pictures that I recently posted is not getting as much likes. I stopped caring too much about being inconsistent on my postings. I stopped being too invested in my Instagram account. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cold Weather Outfit Ideas! \\ Fall/Autumn Transition \\ Fashion

We don't have Autumn in Malaysia but I took the opportunity to shoot a Fall outfit inspiration for you when I was having a staycation with Best Western Hotel in Genting Highlands. Outfit 1: Leather Jacket - Topshop White Strip Top - Bangkok Suede Skirt - Coco Concept Store Black Tights - H&M Shoes - H&M Watch - Daniel Wellington Outfit 2: Navy Coat - Terranova Maroon Bell Sleeved Top - The Twee Jeans - Levi's White Heels - Corgi Bag - Bonia Outfit 3: Navy Top - The Twee Denim Skirt - YFS Fashion Store Black Jacket - Topman Tights - H&M Shoes - Toms

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Friday, September 15, 2017

My iPhone 6 Has "Touch Disease" And Some Say Apple Did It On Purpose.

I've been using my iPhone 6 for about 3 years now and it's working fine other than it being a bit slower now, sometimes may even lang, and camera quality on as great as other newer phone models, which all these I've already expected it to happen as it's normal as technology keeps getting better daily.

However, the most annoying part of my iPhone 6 is that for the past 6 months or so, it suddenly contracted this thing known as "Touch Disease", where my screen does not respond properly to my touches anymore. Sometimes it works fine but many times it goes wonky on me, which bugs me tremendously. Imagine when you are in a rush and want to get your message out quickly, well, nope it choose to disobey and instead of a backspace, it touches on enter or send message before I complete my sentence.

I was wondering what's wrong with my phone and I genuinely thought to myself, "it's probably time for a new phone" and I honestly did have an intention to purchase another iPhone. That's until my husband told me about a lawsuit on the iPhone 6 where Apple allegedly "did it on purpose". According to Motherboard, Apple mentioned in court that you can only legally to expect your phone to last for just one year.


What happen to Apple makes the "most durable devices"?

So, you only make your phones to be able to last for a year?

I'm shook and totally cringed towards Apple's statement provided in court. I've been using the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and until now, the iPhone 6. Since I've started using it, I thought that it's a reliable device, thus, me being loyal to Apple all these years despite the crazy high prices. Now, to personally experience this issue and having to read with my own eyes to what Apple has to say about their devices, I think I'm ready to jump. I'm ready to switch brands.

It's overall disappointing on this news and also to hear that the judge dismissed the case as the plaintiff was said to not have proper evidence on the claims. Whatever it is, I guess I'm done with iPhones for now.  


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Thursday, September 7, 2017

We Did The Baby Shark Song Challenge! \\ #TehChamLee

When two grown kids just want to have fun :)
This song is gonna get stuck in your head!
We dare you to not sing it after watching this.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Korean Inspired Sweet Peach Natural Makeup Look With Mamonde Flower Pop Range!

I've decided to create a really simple and easy look with the two new products that I've recently received from Mamonde. They are the Flower Pop range in conjunction with the launch of the Mamonde KLCC Beauty Counter in Parkson and the beauty counter is a reflection of its Mamonde's latest brand concept 'Journey of Flowers'. 

The two new product range are the Flower Pop Eye Brick and the Flower Pop Blusher. Before I go into the review, do check out the video tutorial as below first to see them in action!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Back To School Games! \\ #TehChamLee

In conjunction with Merdeka and the upcoming Malaysia Day, we've decided to do something fun with some of the people from our favourite cafe Droffee at Tropicana Avenue.

They are as simple as Pen and Rubber. Have you played any of these games before?


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Friday, September 1, 2017

There's A New System That Allows You To Vote Stuff Through FB Messenger?!

Technology is really something these days. It seems like we can really do it all with the help of super-coders and techie people in this world. Seriously, I salute you guys/girls. Thanks for constantly trying to make our lives more convenient. 

I was at the launch of Guardian's Outstanding Brands Award (OBA) 2017 and although I love how short and sweet the event was, I wished they would serve us free warm/cold water. I'd probably sound like a brat now but this was what happened. I requested for warm water from the server and he said they have to charge as it wasn't in the package ordered by the event people. =_= Thank you very much Nicsmann in The Starling. 

That aside, when Guardian finally asked up to start participating in their annual Guardian's Outstanding Brands Award online, I thought it would probably just be another "go to our website" and land yourself into a 'ServeyMonkey' looking kind of layout. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

There's Now A Skincare Range That's Designed For Millennials! WHAT THE?!

Omgosh, JQ breathe. Shiseido just came out with a super dope new skincare range that are (to be completely honest) pretty amazing. Or at least for now, they are amazing to me because I just started testing them out. They call it WASO, and they are apparently made specially for millennials' skin type. 

I am grateful to be be part of the launch of this new range a couple weeks back where I was invited to a morning "rave" party. It really wasn't much of "rave" but WASO is definitely worth raving about. I'll tell you why later, short reviews of each item that I've tried. For now, check out the video below to see what happened during the event: 

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Why Serum? & Nutox 7 Days Beauty Challenge!

I've teamed up with Nutox to speak about the importance of serums in our skincare routine. I feel sometimes, even for a beauty blogger like me, tend to not give serums enough credit. Personally, I always speak about how much I love a moisturiser or how cooling a cleanser is but never really, how much I like a serum. That's mainly because I too, am guilty of overlooking the power of serums because serums in general, works from within the skin. When we can't see or feel it, we tend to care less of it. 

A lot of my non-skincare junkie friends would probably only know about the 3-step routine - cleanse, tone, moisturise. I think it's great that at the very least, they got the basics right. However, as time pass, as we age, our skin will need more than just 1, 2, 3. It needs ingredients that is active to maintain early stage of ageing skin. This is where serums becomes significant. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

How To Travel From KL-SG In 2.5 Hours By Train?

So apparently, unless you speed like a mad person with your car, it'll probably takes your more than 3 hours driving from KL to SG. My past experience of driving from KL to Johor town took me about 5 hours. It was such a tiring experience and no, I don't ever plan to drive to Johor, needless to say Singapore, ever again. I'd rather fly even though it's expensive. 

But hey, I just found out that Malaysia is in the midst of planning something pretty big. Malaysia is working on this KL-SG SR (High Speed Railway) project where it also stop by on a few major city between KL and Singapore. 

If you have watched "Train to Busan", you would know that KTX is a super awesome high speed train that connects cities within South Korea. Recently, KTX came to Malaysia to promote Korea's HSR technology to Malaysian public with the aim to join the bid for KL-SG HSR project. The KTX showroom in Nu Sentral allowed us to understand the Korea's HSR technology better through various audiovisual equipment such as high-tech displays and videos that provide insights into the latest railway technologies, 3D simulator, and six seated 4D theatre that's aptly built into the shell of a high-speed railway locomotive. 

Check out our vlog as below for more visual of the place: 

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

WHO WOULD YOU KILL? \\ Moral Machine Test \\ #TehChamLee

So I found out that my husband would pick killing elderly just to keep the younger ones alive... To be honest, some are rather tough scenarios. Still, it was a good test to take just for fun and get to know your partner or friends better. 

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Althea Birthday Edition Makeup Beauty Box Review [First Impressions & Demo]

Hello everybody! I was send the Althea Beauty Box Birthday Edition to do a GRWM and first impressions of the products. I personally do like the beauty boxes by Althea because they are usually filled with full sized products and extremely worth the money. It's a great way to try new products or even products that you might like in the box.

Althea comes out with new beauty boxes seasonally and quite often, they sell out within a day. Of course, from my experience, there are some products that I don't fancy after trying but more often than not, they surprises me.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NEW K-Beauty TREND: Applying 7 LAYERS OF TONER On My Face?!

So I've first seen this trend a few months back from Edward Avila's youtube channel. I thought to myself, "This is crazy and just too time consuming", but I still had to do a video about it and try it for myself to see if it really make any difference. Unless you are a skincare junkie, an average woman in this world probably won't buy into this new trend because it's just not practical. Then again, when it comes to skincare and beauty, you'll never know. 


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