Thursday, November 17, 2016

nanowhite's Triple Brightening Treat!

It was so sweet of nanowhite to send me this beautiful PR package, literally, the flowers brightened up the day I received this. 

That aside, this is about the three new products from nanowhite's brightening line - nanowhite Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream, nanowhite Skin Renewing Aqua Gel, and nanowhite Intensive Brigheting Mask. These products have new skin-brightening technology that neutralises harmful free radicals so everyone can enjoy lasting fairness, smoother skin with instant glow.

I will only review the mask but will definitely fill you all in with more info of these three newbies.

nanowhite Skin Renewing Aqua Gel (RM44.90, 140ml)

It's always nice to have skin feeling fresh and smooth. The nanowhite Skin Renewing Aqua Gel is apparently an exfoliant that will give you an after scrub feeling, but so much gentler. This non-abrasive exfoliating gel removes blackheads and dead skin cells, which ultimately leaves you with a silky smooth skin. 

nanowhite Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream (RM39.90, 40ml)

This moisturiser cont nanowhite Super Antioxidant with unique capsule essence that filled with concentrated Vitamin E and C to neutralise the free radicals that protects our skin's radiance. It also claims to be ultra light, easily absorbed, and helps minimises the appearance of dark spots.

nanowhite Intensive Brightening Mask (RM8.90 per piece)

For a final touch that will seal in the moisture, this Korean made mask contains natural extracts that claims to instantly illuminate and hydrate your skin to reveal fairer and more radiant looking skin. 

These are the product info at the back of the packaging.

Personal Thoughts on the Mask: 
For me, the mask sheet is pretty regular, nothing much to shout about. No complains there as it fits well. A great part about this mask is that I don't feel any tingling sensation when I first put it on, it doesn't sting my face at any moment during this masking process. This is huge for me because I have rather dry sensitive skin-ish, there are some products and mask that stings my skin when I apply them and it's really a no-no. I'm just glad this passed the test. 

From one time masking, I really can't tell if it's going to brighten up my skin but what I can tell you is that it does a really good job hydrating my skin, naturally, when you skin is well moisturised, you'll look much more radiant. Also, the sheet mask doesn't dry off as quickly as other mask sheets, they stay pretty moist for a quite a long time. 

It's said that all three products are suitable for all skin types but to be safe, if you know your skin, stick to it. Like me, I'm most probably not going to try the gel-cream as my skin is not quite accomodating towards gel moisturiser. But if you have no clue about your skin, then it's a good time to try to see if it works for you.

For more information, visit Nanowhite Malaysia Facebook page.


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