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DETOX: My 2-Day Speed Cleansing Journey

DETOX: My 2-Day Speed Cleansing Journey
Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D

I've received this from Watsons Malaysia for a review two weeks back, it's been 4 years since my last detox, so why not.

In my last 3-day detox (3-Day Detox Plan Journey - Click Here), I was only consuming psyllium husk mixed into water and lemon juice in the morning for 3 days. I remembered clearly for cheating with some fruits, vegetables and oyster sauce but I actually did it and it felt great. This time I thought, 2 days should be easy. Plus, I get to eat fruits and vegetables, it shouldn't be that hard.

I won't go on too much about the details and benefits of doing this particular detox, you can find all those information on KinohimitsuMY's website. Plus, I spoke quite a bit about "Why should you detox" in my previous detox journey, you can check that out to find out more. It should be available in Watsons but I can't find it on Watsons website at the moment.

All you need to know, yes, it is a MEAL REPLACEMENT programme even though I don't remember reading anywhere on the box stating this statement. I only fount out that it is meant to work as meal replacements from the Kinohimitsu website Q&A section.

You're suppose to take 2 packets of particular flavour for morning (breakfast), noon (lunch), and night (dinner). In betweens, if needed, take fruits and vegetables to fill your hunger and very important, to drink a lot of water to avoid constipation due to the high fiber psyllium husk ingredient. 

DETOX: My 2-Day Speed Cleansing Journey

There are 12 packets, 4 of Cleanse and Shape, 4 of Cleanse and Boost, 4 of Cleanse and Beauty. In between, it's also highly recommended to drink a certain amount of water suggested on the box. They describe this drink as a smoothie but personally I don't think that the term is even close to how it look like once you add in the water.

What I know is that with psyllium husk as the key ingredient to every sachet, it should be consume all at once, as quickly as possible before the psyllium husk starts to coagulate. Unless that's how you prefer to take them, then it's entirely up to you. Plus, there's not as much of it in each sachet that makes it hard to swallow, so it shouldn't be a problem if you prefer to slowly consume this drink like a hot beverage.

easy detox

I find it best to mix them with warm water after trial and error. It wasn't stated on the box either. Day 1 wasn't too bad, as much as it claims to have real fruits in them, I was a still bit thrown off by the smell or the flavour of the drinks. For example, Cleanse and Shape in yellow for breakfast does have that strong passion fruit flavour in the drink which I should like, unfortunately, to me, it still tasted a little like diluted cordial drinks which I'm not a big fan of. It's not completely bad, it's just me, I don't drink much cordial, even in hotels when they serve cordial orange juice, I'll just go for coffee or water. The only cordial I like is Sunkist Tropical and Ribena. So if you are used to drinking cordial or really don't mind them at all, these will probably be something you'll like. 

Cleanse and Boost in green for lunch was interesting because the powder smelled "eh" but was much more pleasant after mixing it with water. Beware, you can actually taste the spirulina even though it's mostly masked by the kiwi flavour. Then, Cleanse and Beauty in pink or red for dinner was the opposite of it, in some weird ways, it didn't really taste that good because I was hoping for it to taste as close to an actual mixed berry juice but really far from it. It was again, diluted cordial like flavour that I'm not a big fan of. 

If you are wondering, the "little seeds" you see floating on the drinks are the psyllium husk, they are really easy to swallow and by itself they do not have any flavour. I pretty much binged on fruits and fruit juice like avocado milk smoothie on the first day. I was so hungry by the end of the day, I really didn't care if there was milk in my smoothie or not, it tasted so good, so worth it.  

The cleanse really only started working on me on the second day, bowel movements were more than usual. Normal in shape/type but my stool definitely looked slightly darker in colour. This is good, it shows that the product works.

Was struggling a little in day 2, still wasn't the biggest fan of the flavour of these drinks but really wanted to complete it. However, I could't get pass evening, I was having mild gastric from not having food, I had to eat something substantial, thus I ate my dinner that night just to make sure it doesn't get any worst. I think I'm getting old and I'm not much like the old me where I can not eat for an entire day.

After completing the programme, I think that it's great that they cater this variety of speed detox for people who can't stand drinking the same thing over and over again. Plus, there are so much more benefits with the added collagen, anti-oxidants, spirulina and etc because other than just doing a detox, you'll get to improve skin's elasticity and etc. I've tried some other detox drink, such as one by NH Detoxlim (Check out my review of that product here) and trust me, this was so much better and drinkable. It's just that I'm not a big fan of the diluted cordial taste.

Although personally for me, I would still rather stick to just having psyllium husk with water and lemon juice once a day, there's no doubt that this products works and it seems reasonable with all the other additional benefits available in the drink. Plus, a 2-day detox is so much more plausible if you think about it, you could do it over the weekend and stay in to rest while you do the detox programme.

Price: RM79.90 per box.

Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D should be available in Watsons outlet. Otherwise, you can get them from Kinohimitsu's Website.


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