Monday, October 3, 2016

My Genuine Opinion On The World's First Helipad Cinema

I'm sure by now you already know about the recent hype of the World's First Helipad Cinema happening at Stratosphere at The Roof in First Avenue Bandar Utama. When I first received the invitation, I wasn't sure if I wanted to attend the media launch because I wasn't sure if it was worth my travelling effort there.

Though, I've been to the helipad before and I know how beautiful that place can be at night. Plus, everyone was going crazy on Facebook sharing about how much they would like to go for one of the screenings. Peer pressure kicks in, I've decided that I will take this opportunity to bring Dexter on "a mysterious date night". He had no idea where we are going and I was so ready to surprise him by driving him there... till his boss kind of ruin the surprise by asking him to attend the event on behalf of his company. xD #LOLs

Oh well, moving on. Here are 7 things I think you should know. They are my personal opinion from what I've experienced from the media launch night.

#1 Weather

We were blessed with wonderful weather that day. Seriously, thank God for the cool breeze and beautiful sunset. Definitely everyone was truly concern about the weather as if it starts raining, everyone might need to be prepared for delays, cancelation, or settle for a screening indoor. Basically, it defeats the purpose of a Helipad cinema experience. Of course, I've spoken to the PR person and she was telling me that everyone contributing to this project prayed very hard, all religion, hoping that mother nature will be on their side throughout all screening dates. So I guess, if you are planning to go for this new experience, especially if you are planning that this is going to be something special for your date, please do your part in praying too. :D

#2 Sunset and the Night View

As I mentioned, I managed to catch the magnificient sunset and I believe it was about 7pm. However, I believe only the media event comes with a sunset cocktail session where we are allowed to be up there an hour earlier before the actual movie starts. Thus, other screening dates may not have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset like I did. Though, I can proudly say that the night view is truly beautiful too. Thus, it's still worth being up there to enjoy the breeze and night view.

#3 Cocktails and Popcorn

In my video, I had some food provided by them. Bear in mind that food was only provided for the media event but you will still be able to enjoy the popcorn and cocktails for free. So make sure you grab your dinner before heading up to the helipad for the movie, I recommend getting a table at Signature at The Roof (click here for my previous review of Signature), the restaurant is on the same floor, the food there is fantastic.

#4 Free Headphones? (Updated!)

I did not get one but I've checked with the PR person and it is true that every ticket holder will receive a free headphone. I don't think it's for you to use during the screening because they have sound system prepared. It's probably like a door gift for everyone. I'm not sure what brand is the headphone but hey, why not right.

UPDATE: I was informed that there are no free headphones to bring home. They are available only for the screening season so you can have better sound quality that day. You are required to return the headphones at the end of the screening.

#5 Sound System

I overheard a conversation while I was seated comfortable on the bean bag of my choice mentioning that the sound will never be as good as in an actual cinema because it is an open space, no matter how awesome the sound system it is. Well, in my opinion, I do agree but I didn't feel any lacking from my experience. It definitely wasn't the best surround sound system but it was good enough for me to hear every word clearly from the movie. So, I don't see it as an issue.

#6 Seatings

Yes, bean bags are comfortable but where I sat that night was blocked by a tall dude's head and he kept his head up the entire time. Lols, I thought at some point his neck was going to start feeling a little tired and will proceed to lay entirely on the bean bag but I was so wrong. I'm not mad, it's just extremely funny now that I think about it. How in the world did he managed to keep his head up the entire show without getting a stiff neck?!

My point is, if you find your seat uncomfortable, feel free to move around because it is a free seating area. Dex and I ended up scooting more towards a corner of the bean bag to have a better view of the screen cause we were too lazy to move anywhere else.

#7 Second Screenings

Yes, it is now available. First screening starts at 8pm while second screening starts between 10pm-10.30pm depending on the length of the first movie. However, only specific movies/dates comes with a second screening. Do check out their website for more information. Also, be quick as most of the slots are taken up as they only take 30 pax per screening.

Overall, for me, it was definitely a great experience thanks to the great weather and the beautiful view. Good job to the organisers for putting this together, I hope all the other screening nights will be as beautiful as the day I was there. 

Thanks The Roof for the invitation and the experience! 

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