Saturday, October 8, 2016

Get More Out Of Your Favourite Product!

This is one of my favourite thing to do. I get to destroy something and get more out of my favourite product. :D Hey, no complains here!

I've done this before but have never shared with you all that I am one of those that will actually cut open my favourite product just to dig out every last bit of it. Truly, if you have not try this method yet, you should because it will save you quite a bit of money.

If you've seen my March 2016 Favourites video on YouTube (if you have not subscribed, you should cause I do YouTube video regularly too! Check it out here:, I mentioned that I am absolutely in love with the OXY Ultimate Cleanser as it provides me with a cooling sensation while washing my face. I religiously use this cleanser till the very end, I couldn't squeeze anymore out from the tube. So it's time for me to cut it open.

At first I prepared a tiny pot because I thought I could only get maybe about 5 more use out of the leftover products but I was so wrong. When I cut the top open, I was overjoyed by the amount of products left in the tube. Goodness me, I could at least go for another month or two with these amount of leftovers. I had to find for a bigger pot for this, thus ended up with my empty pot of Kiehl's. I managed to fill it up till 3/4 of the 14g pot. It would have been a full pot of 14g if I transferred the small pot into the larger one but I was too lazy.

I highly encourage you to start doing this to get more out of your favourite products. You'll never know how much you are actually throwing away. :)


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