Wednesday, October 26, 2016

FitFlop Loves Anna Sui!

I've been travelling quite a bit recently, the kind that requires me to walk quite a bit. Truly, a good footwear is really important when it comes to times like that. I usually wear covered shoes but long-term of those got my feet rather stinky. I'm trying to opt for sandals or open-toe shoes/heels as much as I can recently. 

Thus, I was pretty excited to attend the gathering of the new FitFlop Loves Anna Sui collaboration where they came together for the third time to create a collection of must-have comfortable ballerinas and sandals. 

This is the full range from this collection

Anna Sui is known for its unique sense of style while FitFlop creates the world's most exciting ergonomic sandals, shoes and boots, using world-class design. The sandals comes with microwobbleboard midsole to help diffuse underfoot pressure and absorbs shock while walking. 

Thus, bringing Anna Sui and FitFlop together, you'll get equal parts magic and logic, mixing playful and pretty with everyday practical. 

This white sandal was the one that I got for myself. It was a little weird walking with it at first, but after getting used to it, it's pretty comfortable. The front part, the thing that splits my big toe and the smaller ones is still a little hard but I believe like any footwear, you'll need to break it in. It didn't cause any blisters which was surprising yet fantastic.

If you are looking for something more formal, that's where the ballerina comes in. They are covered-toe flats that are perfect for office wear. They have a selection of plain as well as funky designs for you to choose from.

Here are a few ways you can pair them up. 

As for me, I might try to come up with a "How to Style Sandals" video soon once I've figured out my white funky sandals (not the ballerina shoe in the picture above). Definitely gonna find myself wearing them pretty often.

The price ranges from RM439-RM699.

For more information, visit FitFlop Malaysia Facebook Page.


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