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#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review


We were invited by A'Roma Dinings two weeks back to try out their lunch menu. Usually, we'll pass on food reviews because I'm still pretty busy with my thesis and we are kind of picky with food reviews because we stay  far away from most restaurants, but since we get to do this on our own timing and it's been a while since we had a proper date-day, why not. 

To be honest, we are glad we did tried out this new place because their pastas are amazing! I would visit this place again just for their pastas. Before getting into the review, if you are lazy to read, #TehChamLee came up with a new video series call #EatOoo, where we'll do food reviews on YouTube. Pretty much, it's just us, sitting in front of the camera, speaking our minds out about the food we're tasting. Do check it out! :D

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#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review

If you've watched the video, heads up, the content of this blog will pretty much be rather repetitive. It's somewhat summarizing what we thought about the place and the food we had. 

Anyway, for starter, A'Roma Dinings is pretty new in town. I have to give it to them, the place looks great. It might look like a fine dining restaurant but their motto is truly to serve great, comfort food that will make you walk out and feel satisfied from a meal. 

Parking is not too bad, you should be able to find parking nearby as it is housing area. They also have a lounge area that only opens at night where they do have live perfomances on some nights, you can check out their Facebook page to keep updated on what's happening that week. 

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review
Overview of the restaurant.

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review
Special seating area for us.

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review
Lounge area.

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review

This Italian restaurant serve set lunches from 11.30am till 5pm at RM29.90 nett. You'll get a soup, a main course of your choice, and a drink. If you are interested, you can add-on coffee or tea for RM5. They have a good variety on the Lunch Set menu and they might also be adding in more choices in the future. Here's a tip, if you are a first-timers, go for the pastas. They make their pasta fresh daily and they are cooked to perfection. Dex and I couldn't get enough of it. Additionally, we have a tip on what/how to order in the video, so do watch it to find out. 

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review

For us, the soup of the day was tomato soup with a piece of the most amazing french loaf. It was good. It was definitely appetizing, a similar taste to a minestrone but thicker, pureed type of soup.

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review
Shallow-Fried Oat Crumb Flounder Fillet

If you expect a regular fish and chips, this is not it. It was pretty hard to describe the taste of this dish because it was kind of a new flavour for the both of us but in a good way. We loved how well cooked the fish is with a thin layer of oat crumb that was deliciously crispy. The side of whatever-sauce-that-was in that pot took the fish to the next level. Having both of them together made this dish extremely refreshing and scrumptious.

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review
Penne Rustica with Pork Meatball

The penne pasta was freaking amazing. It was so good that I swear I will go back to this restaurant just for their pasta. Not specifically this dish though. The tomato sauce was pretty good but it gets a little overwhelming after that tomato soup as appitizer. Plus, the meatballs was pretty dry. We've mentioned it to the person in charge and he said he'll check on it with the chef. Though, overall it was a nice dish, better if it's pair with a non-tomato based appetizer. 

#EatOoo At A'Roma Dinings \\ Food Review
Tiramisu (RM23)

Dessert is available ala carte and the selection is in the dinner menu. Dex and I are not much of a tiramisu fan but this was different. It was one heck of a tiramisu with a delectable twist of strawberries and mint that weirdly tasted pretty good together. 

Overall, thumbs up to this place and I highly recommend you to try them. Plus, they serve pretty good coffee. :D

A'Roma Dinings
1, Jalan 20/14, 
Taman Paramount, 
Petaling Jaya. 

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 11.30am-12am


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