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My Beauty Diary Mask Review

I've known about My Beauty Diary mask from the craze a couple of years back. It was a fav by many women that I know. I've personally only tried once and it was a good experience with this Taiwanese brand and its products. The mask leaves me with supple and plumped skin, overall quite impressed with it. 

This time, I have the opportunity to review two variants from the My Beauty Diary mask collection. The first is the Witch Hazel Oil-Control Essence Mask from the Floral Essence Series and the other is the Collagen Firming Mask from the New Natural Key Line. 

If you don't know My Beauty Diary, they are known for producing one of the most moisturising and thin mask sheets in the world. It's amazing because the Super Ultra Thin Fabric Mask seem to be able to carry 50% more serum than their previous mask, better fit to the contour of the face, and is ultra soft with high permeability. They are also known to be gentle to the skin as they are free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, pigments, and fluorescent agents.

Witch Hazel Oil-Control Essence Mask RM44.90 (7 sheets)

I first tried the mask from the Floral Essence Series because it was made for oil-control. I have dry skin thus, I was a bit worried if this will suit my skin. When I opened the pack, it wasn't heavily filled with essence as other mask I've tried. The amount was just nice enough to ensure that the mask is thoroughly soaked yet keeping it very neat and easy unpacking to the application.  

The other thing that I noticed with this mask is that it has a really pleasant fragrance that calms my soul. It's great because that's what you want when you are having a little pampering session, something that will ease you into relaxation. 

At first I thought it was the scent of green tea but it was actually the combination of precious Rose, Neroli, and Vetiver essential oil that made up the scent while being ingredients that helps moisturise, purifies, and tightens skin. Besides that, this series also contains Multi-Silk, an ingredient that's enriched with silk Amino acids, silk Peptide, and silk Fibroin compound. It helps to fill in the rough and irregular outer layer of the skin to create a smooth surface. Also, silk is known for its firming properties and mild on the skin. 

Specifically for this variant, the Witch Hazel Oil-Control Essence Mask is made for purifying, repairing, and oil control. It contains purifying power of Hamamelis virginiana leaf extracts, blended with soothing essences of kiwi, orange, and licorice, fortifies the skin to fight against irritants in the environment and relieves skin from within to prevent blemishes. The oil control extracts of Ginkgo biloba leaves, Bilberry and Pomelo optimally balances moisture level in skin cuticles and reduces oil shine to give a healthy, clear complexion. 

True enough, it was really comfortable to apply on my face. I didn't feel any tingling or itching sensation the entire time it was on. Plus, it really adheres to the skin well. I can walk and move around, sit on my desk to work without any issue of the mask sliding off my face. It dries off pretty quickly yet still left my skin feeling super moisturised. I really do like it!

Collagen Firming Mask RM49.90 (10 sheets)

The Collagen Firming Mask is made to firm, rejuvenate, renew, and brightens the skin. The collagen essence helps to seal in water and enhances skin elasticity. This mask also contains a double-acting moisturising ingredients Cosphingo x Aquaroad and other various extracts including Aloe Vera, Centella asiatica and Ginseng for softer skin while protecting the skin from environmental damage, renew and revive tired skin. Besides that, it also comes with ingredients that promotes radiance in complexion by improving dullness and supply essential nutrients to the skin. 

Taking this out from its pack, it was filled with a little more essence than the previous mask. The sheet itself is thin but felt a little thicker as compared to the floral series. Though, it definitely still adhered to my face well without worrying it sliding off while being upright. As usual, I never throw the paper side of the mask, I will always run them through the rest of my body because I like to fully use the essence till the very last drop.

Peeling it off, this definitely is much more moisturising as compared to the other one but I did notice a slight stinging sensation after having it on my face for a few minutes. It wasn't unbearable though. I can immediately see the glow in my face removing the mask but it is still necessary for me to apply my moisturiser on to completely seal all the goodness in.

Overall, they are both really good products but if I have to choose, I'd prefer the Witch Hazel Oil-Control Essence Mask over the Collagen Firming Mask, which is weird because I'm always about firming my skin but there's something about the floral series that caught my skin's attention.

Collagen Firming Mask is available at selected Guardian and SaSa outlet, while Witch Hazel Oil-Control Essence Mask is only available in selected SaSa outlet.

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