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Hits & Misses: Gobdigoun Korean Skincare [Review]

I'm back with another hits and misses review! This time, I'm talking about a Korean Skincare Brand that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable to review in the beginning because firstly, I never really had a good experience with sheep placenta but I decided to try them because I love the material of the mask sheet, cellulose gel mask, they are the most amazing type of mask sheet ever. Secondly, there's a pig picture on the boxes of the eye mask. I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of having some piggy ingredients/essence on my face but I wanted to try it because again, the material of the eye mask is hydrogel, a really nice material for an eye patch.

Anyway, those aside, the packaging actually are pretty luxurious looking and feel. They all have a substantial feel and weight to it, and looks really well designed. Of course, other than the pig picture in the eye patch boxes, everything else seems pretty legit.

The Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask (Australian Placental Powder)

Let's try the mask first. Placenta Extract is known it's great moisturising ingredients, anti aging, and improving skin's elasticity. Bio Cellulose Mask Sheet, the main reason why I give this product a go, is known to have similar structure to human skin protein, thus making the masking experience more comfortable. The mask "sheet" has a really jelly texture, which makes the mask much more cooling and doesn't dries off as fast as other regular cotton/fabric mask sheets. Thus, I absolutely love this type of material mask.

How to use?
  1. Wash your face.
  2. Open a packet and take the mask out. Unfold it. 
  3. There's three layers. Take of the paper sheet first, apply the "jelly" feeling part onto face and then peel the fabric side off. Repeat for the bottom mask. 
  4. Leave for 15-20 minutes. 
  5. Cut the packet and massage the extra essence on the body. 
  6. Remove and pat the excess essence gently into the skin.
My Thoughts: 
I believe having them in two separate top and bottom mask sheet makes it more accurate when applying on the face, you'll have the freedom to adjust more suited to your face shape. The lotion/essence on the mask did sting my skin a little at the beginning but the sensation wears off after a while. Still, I have to cut open the mask area on my upper as it's the most sensitive section of my face, it's normal, I do that to most mask that I wear these days.

When I remove the mask, I can immediate feel that my skin is super moisturised. It feels so plumped, hydrated, and I feel like my skin is glowing from within. Additionally, when I woke up the next day, my skin felt amazing! It still feel so hydrated! I love it!

A bit of warning though, it will feel a little heavy on the skin, like you have too much of moisturiser on. I believe people with dry skin like mine will love it, people of age like my mom might like it too, but people with oily skin type of don't like the feeling of too much moisturiser on the skin should definitely not try this. I only recommend using this at night because the essence is so rich and it's perfect for those who sleeps with their a/c on. So good!

IL PORCO Eye Patch in Gold EGF and Collagen Diamond

Bring out the piggy product that I was talking about! If you look carefully, you can find a pig picture sitting on the box of these products. I really don't know why it's there but looking at the ingredients or the info from there website, it doesn't seem like they've any pig's ingredient in the products. It's really confusing and pretty off putting to be honest. 

Again, I wanted to try this because of the material of the patch. It's hydrogel! They are converted by liquid essence to gelatin patch and it claims to be more effective than normal fabric patches and more comfortable when having them on. Apparently, they mentioned that it's possible to melt the eye patches in hot water and use them as facial essence. Oh my... that sounds like a perfect on-the-go DIY mist idea to me! I may just try that one day!

It comes with a seal for all new products and the spatula is actually at the bottom of the box but I that it fits perfectly on top of the second plastic cover. It still closes properly when screwing the lid on. The jars are pretty heavy and seem to be made out of good quality glass jar. 

Gold EGF
I believe this variant is for anti ageing and hydration

Collagen Diamond
This should help with fine lines and brightening

My Thoughts: 
I think the design of the eye patch doesn't seem to fit my eye shape. No matter how I move it, it doesn't sit right to cover most of my under eyes without getting too close to my eyes. It's best to use the spatula to take the pieces out as it can be rather challenging with fingers, plus you don't want to contaminate your entire jar with your dirty hands no matter how clean they look. 

The essence can be a little strong for my sensitive under eyes, thus I will have to scrap off some of the essence at the side of the jar before applying them on my under eyes. Just like the placenta face mask, it stings a little but goes away after a while. Then, it feels super amazing because of the cooling sensation that the "jelly" patch leaves. I just don't seem to want to take it off. 

However, after using it, I don't think I see much improvement for my under eyes. It just feels hydrated, that's all. 

24K Golden Cream Placenta Power Australian Sheep

This claims to be a multi-action moisturiser that can dramatically reduce the look of multiple signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness, and dehydration. It's an all-in-one skincare product which can be use immediately after cleansing your face

My Thoughts: 
I think what intrigues me are the Gold beads in the cream. I love any skincare products that are infused with gold. I mean, it's great for lifting and anti-aging. This cream is pretty rich but still and in between of a gel and cream. It smells pretty pleasant and is truly, quite moisturising when I first apply it. I actually do quite like how it feels on my skin. 

However, after using it for a few days, I realise my skin doesn't like it as much as I thought it would because I don't seem to have a problem with the sheep placenta cellulose mask. The areas that I used to have rashes was appearing again, thus I stopped using it immediately. It could be that the skin on my face is more sensitive to sheep placenta ingredient than the skin on my body. I've been using this as my all over body lotion and it feels great, my body is thoroughly moisturised by this. So NO GO ON MY FACE but I can use this as a body lotion.

For more information, visit Gobdigoun English Facebook page here.

*Products was given. Not a sponsored post. All opinions remain my own.


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