Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What Happens After Consuming Collagen Powder For 3 Months? [Review]

Before I got a collaboration with this brand, I have been researching about collagen powder in the market because I was really interested to finally dive into this range of beauty care. Basically, leveling up my beauty care because I'm 26 this year and really, it's the best time to start with the whole collagen craze for anti-aging. Additionally, I've found that collagen is not only good for your skin, it's also great for the hair. As you all know, I'm engaged and I'm currently looking to grow out my natural hair for my wedding next year, well, if possible, I'm trying to speed my hair growth process. 

To have better hair growth, you'll need to have a healthy scalp and I definitely don't have the healthiest scalp as it's always very dry. Often, it flakes that makes it look super ugly dandruff-like flakes, in huge pieces. I believe it could also be due to the fact that I've over-worked my scalp and hair for the past two years. I've been going on a crazy hair bleaching and colouring season where I change my hair styles and colours like there's no tomorrow. Thus, truly damaging them to a pretty horrendous state. Thus, It very interesting that NANO Hyaluron and Collagen Powder actually helps with my dry scalp issue. It's tried and tested, 100% my honest opinion, I do believe it has something to do with this supplementary consumption that stops my flaking dry scalp. 

There's really not much review to be found about this product. The NANO Hyaluron and Collagen Powder is not one of those super highly talked about collagen powder but for some weird reason, I have the peace to try it out. After trying out for 1.5 months, stopped for a few weeks, and go back on it again, I realise it makes a huge difference in certain areas and at the same time didn't too at other parts that I had some kind of expectations on it. 

A brief overall of the NANO Hyaluron and Collagen Powder, it contains all natural ingredients with Type 3 collagen (Salmon milt and Ikura extract), and it's formulated with 5500mg (1 scoop) of highly concentrated pure collagen peptide, elastin, CoQ10, Vitamin C, D complex and natural extracts. All these ingredients suppose to help straighten the scalp for stronger, silkier and smoother hair, as well as prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. One can of collagen powder can last up to 31 to 35 days depending on usage, which is about a month. 

The picture above is not accurate, when you first open the new can of NANO Hyaluron and Collagen Powder, you'll get the powder filled up to at least 3/4 of the can. This is just an illustration to show you how the powder looks like. This was my second can of collagen powder and I was just passing one month with it. It taste absolutely delicious with its milky-vanilla flavour. My favourite way of drinking it is to mix with plain milo or hot chocolate drink for breakfast. I have a video on this as embedded below. 

Watch my A Day In My Life video to see how I complement this in my everyday life!

How to Consume?
  • Add 1 scoop (7gm) of powder using the spoon provided into 150ml of drinking water or your favourite beverages. 
  • Stir well to dissolve it. It might take some time, just be patience. 
  • Do not use boiling water, fizzy drinks, alcohol or consume with any medication. 
  • My favourite way of making my drinks is to make my milo/hot cocoa first, then add a little cold/warm water to my drink to cool the mixture before adding a scoop of NANO Hyaluron and Collagen Powder into my drink and mix really well. *It will make my drink a little thicker with foams on top, and it will change the drink taste to slightly milky.
  • I highly suggest consuming the collagen drink first thing every morning on an empty stomach for better absorption.
When to Consume?
  • Take 1 scoop daily in your drink for replenishment and protection.
  • A suggestion is to take a double dose on Mondays for an extra boost. *However, I find this will make my drink too concentrated and hard to dissolve, thus, I will usually have two separate cups of milo/hot cocoa for the day if I feel like it. 
Results after more than 3 months

For my hair, as mentioned earlier, I find that it helped me to clear my dry-flaking scalp condition. I can testify to this because when I first started this routine, my flakes gone away. Then when I stopped for a couple weeks, due to laziness, my flakes returned and truly I was frustrated. I wasn't sure if It was the collagen that helped at first, so I got myself back into the habit of making my collagen every morning and seriously, it works! My dry-flaky scalp problem slowly went away within the period of 2-3 days. I'm truly surprised as I never thought it could helped me with my scalp issue!

However, I honestly can't tell if it helped to speed up my hair growth cause for one, I desperately needed a haircut, so I did which made the after picture don't look as accurate. I also really can't tell if I have thicker or more hair, it seem to feel the same. Hair fall wise, maybe yes cause I realise that I experience lesser hair falling as compared to the times when I did not consume the NANO Hyaluron and Collagen Powder. Maybe it really takes time, at least a longer period of consuming this product, for me to actually feel the full and thicker hair results because if it could treat my dry scalp issues, I believe with a healthier scalp, my hair can grow in a healthier manner too.

For my face, I believe drinking collagen does help with my skin elasticity because well, it's collagen, it suppose to help. Of course, accompanied by good skincare products plus collagen drink, it helped with evening out my skin tone and heals my spots completely and quickly. 

If you are interested in trying out collagen in particular, I will highly suggest this option and trying out the NANO Hyaluron and Collagen Powder because as compared to the collagen drinks in bottles, this taste deliciously as milk. It doesn't have the fishy after taste or smell that could put off some people. Also, with this, I realise that you can also add this to your protein shake as a meal replacement, heck, if you are a small eater like me, drinking milo/cocoa with this added is good enough to make me full for a couple of hours.

I think it works best with any milk based or chocolate drink because it doesn't look and taste as good on its own. Also, don't try to mix this in your ice-cold drinks, I've tried to mix it with my Chatime and it just made lumps floating around the drink. Personally, if you are still in your 20s like me, really approximately 5,000-8,000mg of collagen is good enough to get your body started with this natural supplement. 


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Unknown said...

Hi JQ, that was nice write up... I've been looking for Collagen supplements as well. May I know how much does 1 tin cost and where can we get it. Thanks.

JQLeeJQ said...

Hi Melissa,

I just found out that at the moment you can only get them from Singapore Qoo10 website (http://www.qoo10.sg/shop/NANOJAPAN) but they are going to be selling on Qoo10 Malaysia website soon. Probably in a few months time. Not quite sure how much they will sell it in malaysia by then. If there's any update, I will update here in a few months time. :)

Unknown said...

Ok thanks JQ... ^_^