Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Getting My Teeth Straighten Without Metal Braces [Part 2]

Hello everybody! I'm back to share with you my ClearSmile Invisible Braces update. If you don't already know, I am currently on this journey of getting my teeth straighten. I really wanted an alternative to actual metal braces due to the industry I am currently in, I'm doing videos and taking loads of pictures, I really didn't want to feel like those metal braces is holding me back. Thus, I'm so thankful to have this opportunity to get my teeth fixed with ClearSmile as they are pretty much invisible aligners and I get to take it off whenever I need to without restrictions! 

I've written a full part 1 blogpost explaining more about ClearSmile and how it's going to work on my teeth. You can check out the blogpost link here!

Also, check out this video where I explain a little bit of my ClearSmile Journey!

This is the expected result after treatment provided by ClearSmile.

And this is the current progress.

I've just completed Step 4 and to be completely honest, I'm truly starting to feel like it's working. As you can see, the bottom teeth is moving quite well while the upper teeth is also straightening but in very minor movements. The journey is pretty similar to the ones I've explained in my previous part 1 blogpost, thus here, I will go through with you overall in Steps. 

When I wore Step 3: 
I remember clearly that it was the step that made me super excited counting down the days where the hole in my bottom teeth is almost completely closed up. The sore feeling is still there, especially every time I switch to a new thickness. Though, it wasn't as bad as the first step. I didn't wear them as much as I should be wearing it but somehow going through this step as quite a breeze. Nothing major to report about. 

When I wore Step 4: 
The repercussion is here. I realise that when I don't wear my previous step as often as I should be, I will suffer with a little more pain in my next step because my teeth with have to work even harder to fit into this current step. There's a lot more to move if I slack on my last step! Goodness, I remember waking up to super sensitive teeth and gums. I didn't even feel like eating. I had to wait for a couple of hours for the discomfort to subside before indulging in any meat or crunchy food. 

Usually, when this happens, I will plan my eating habits. If I know I will have a feast that night, I will take them off throughout the day. I will then wear them on as long as possible the next day by choosing to go on a liquid diet or have meals that won't aggravate my sensitive teeth. Also, I realised when I wore my hard aligners, I had some trouble drinking cold water. A few of my upper tooth became too sensitive to even consume cold beverages, I had to drink them with a straw to avoid touching those sensitive areas. Also, there were minor bleeding throughout this step, it's normal. 

After completing the 4th Step treatment, I can see that the upper teeth is finally straightening themselves up. It was tough but so worth it when you see slight changes. Of course, the bottom teeth continues to move without any hesitation. Collectively, the front two or three teeth is moving towards my right (or in the picture to the left), it's obvious when you compare the positioning with the upper teeth. 

I'm only about four months in the treatment and it's really exciting to see how my teeth have straightened slightly. I find myself truly smiling more with my teeth without hesitation. Plus I feel more comfortable doing videos now than ever, I worry less about my crooked teeth and I don't try to hide them anymore. You might have noticed some changes if you watch my more recent videos on my YouTube Channel (Link Here). My family members and my close friends are noticing the change. The fact that I could still do what I love without the feeling I'm being held back is truly a blessing.

Top two pictures, I just had my birthday celebration with my second little family.
Bottom picture was my engagement video that had so much laughter involved.

Stay tuned for next update!


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Hilda Milda™ said...

May I know how much does it roughly cost?

Unknown said...

Thanks JQ . I have my bottom teeth in front of the upper teeth . I do want to check out clear smile . U said dr tan at subang parade . I would like to know the clinic name to check it out . Thanks JQ ���������������������������������������� great job done !!

JQLeeJQ said...

HI @Hilda, mine cost RM15k in total with 1 year warranty. In case at the end of the treatment is not desirable, still can fix for free. :) You'll have to go consultation for more info on your teeth condition.

Hey @Pauline, Dr Tan is near Klang Parade. Not Subang parade. Check out the website for their contact and to book appointment: http://tandentalklang.com/ :D

Mabel Garcia said...

Thanks for this I have been wanting to straighten my teeth without metal braces for some time.