Monday, July 11, 2016

A Warm ShoutOut To My Mom!

This is a very late post but I still want to officially wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day on my blog! Well, I'm currently living under the same roof as her, so I did wished her on the actual day. It's just that I brought her out to Ritz Carlton for a high tea session with Buro 24/7 Malaysia and SK-II. I was thankful for the event because my mom definitely deserved some time off her grandma duty (she and my dad are still doing such an amazing job taking care of my sister's little girl) and be treated to a fancy mother-daughter bonding session.

The event also gave my mom and I each an exclusive Spring Butterfly Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, which I believe by now my mom has already started using it, and a couple of Buro 24/7 merchandises. 

If you ask me, I definitely see a lot of her in me. She has always brought me up to be a lady but at the same time, teaching me how to be a lady with an independent character. I've seen her changed the lights, fixed some minor plumbing issues, check the car engine oil, and so much more. Besides that, she cooks, she bakes, she sews and she cleans. Geez Mom, how can I keep up with you? 

In the event, one question was asked from the Q&A card activity session, "What was your favourite memory with your mother?" I told my mom it was us, baking her famous marble butter cake. It's funny how I've never actually told her that I really do enjoyed the times where she'll allow me watch the cake mixer combine the butter and sugar, get me to help with the flour sifting although it's now a chore for me to do whenever I bake a cake, let me scoop in the milk while she managed the flour, allowing me to lick the spoon when we are done, and finally stopping me from eating the cake when it's hot. 

Little activity like this actually impacted my life and made me to who I am today. Yes, now I bake, quite a bit and I love it. Additionally, I cook and clean too because my mom taught me to do so. I picked up the independent woman character because I grew up watching my mom being one. Truly, I treasure all these wonderful characters I picked up from my mom. 

I Love You Mommy! Thanks for being so supportive in my life and the choices I make!


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