Friday, June 10, 2016

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil (Review)

The problem with skincare is that we must always adapt to using what our environment allow us to use. I've always shy away from face oils because even though I have really dry skin, I feel that the hot and humid Malaysia weather just won't permit me to enjoy such luxury. 

However, in the past two months, my skin was truly unforgiving. I had a rash due to testing out some other skincare, causing a patch of super flaky skin area. Also, my under eyes were really dry. Additionally, it was a new semester of my Masters, stress, I believe was also getting in the way. All these dry areas caused my foundation to fail at smoothing out properly, my makeup was never on point. It was tough. 

Throughout May, I've decided to completely change my skincare up by using all SK-II products except my cleanser and my moisturiser. So it was FTE Miracle water, Facial Treatment Oil, GenOptics Aura Essence, and LXP Eye Cream. By the end of May, my skin felt so good. I notice it even during the time of the month, my skin was still really tamed. It was all under control. 

I've spoke about the FTE Miracle water ample of times (Blogpost here) and reviewed the GenOptics Aura Essence (Blogpost Here). I will review the eye cream in another blogpost but for now, let's focus on why I really like the New SK-II Facial Treatment Oil. 

#1 It's Not Fully Oil
I believe the main reason why my skin can take this product is because it's not completely made up of oil to begin with. It has a dual-phase formula where the Facial Treatment Oil is made up of the new Nourishing Oils Complex (consists of olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, rice bran oil, riceterol ester, and squalene) and SK-II 's Pitera, proportioned in optimal measurements based on the Golden Ratio. This allows intensive hydration and moisturises the skin for soft, smooth and glowing skin even in the harshest of environment. My skin already knows that it loves Pitera, thus, having this Golden Ratio allows my skin to accept the product easily. 

#2 It Increases The Efficacy Of Other SK-II Products
The FT Oil is no doubt great on its own but it's known to be even better with other SK-II products. I'm an avid user of the FTE Miracle Water, it's been clinically tested that using both of these products together will help deliver more visible improvement in skin hydration and texture. Just by looking at my skin, I can't deny that it did improved the way my skin look and feel. 

#3 It Smells Great
From the first time I tried this product in an event, it's already very known to me that this will be a product that will bring some sort of serenity to my skincare routine. The fragrant lavender notes within the FT Oil provide a calming scent that soothes the senses. 

#4 A Little Goes A Long Way
They suggested to use 5-7 drops. It's best not to use that much in a hot and humid location. For day time, if I feel like it, I will use about 2-3 drops max. Anything more will be too much. At night, I don't sleep in an air conditioned room, thus, I go with around 3-4 drops. If you do have your air conditioning on at night, feel free to go maybe one drop more. Unless, you are someone with a really matured skin type, I feel anything more than 5 drops is way too much for someone living in Malaysia. 

How to use?
  1. Cleanse the face to remove makeup and impurities, then prep the skin with toner. Apply Facial Treatment Essence all over the face.
  2. Shake the bottle of Facial Treatment Oil to evenly combine the oil and Pitera phases before each use.
  3. Dispense 5-7 drops (I recommend to use less than 5 drops) of Facial Treatment Oil onto the palm and lightly rub your palms together to spread.
  4. Press both palms onto your face, and inhale the soothing scent of lavender. (This part of the routine is amazing!)
  5. Proceed to use the other beauty essences and creams in your regimen. (I will move on with my GenOptics Aura essence, LXP eye cream, and moisturiser.)

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil 50ml - RM535

For more information, visit SK-II Malaysia website.


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SammyGregory said...

Thanks for posting this article! Great information. I have had this on my to try list for a while now and I may just take the plunge. I have tried other SK-II products, including the face mask from b-glowing, and I absolutely love them.