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I Seriously Love My Philips VisaPure Advanced! (Review)

I can't contain it. My excitement when it first announced its availability in Malaysia. After two year, since their first launch of the Philips VisaPure, which at that time, only comes with the brush head for cleansing, which I personally really didn't see the point of it because during that time, I was already hooked with my much cheaper Mary Kay Cleansing Brush (Blogpost Here). So back then, I rejected to attend the preview of it as they did not choose to bring this newly launched Philips VisaPure Advanced to Malaysia. 

I knew I was going to really love this product when I first received it but I never knew that I could love it this much, as in so so much. Let's just be clear, the main star of this gadget for me, is the Revitalising Massage head and the Fresh Eyes head. They made a huge difference in my night skincare routine. They make me really happy as I feel so pampered every single time I use this after my night skincare routine. 

A Brief About Philips VisaPure Advanced

This is what they describe it: 

Taking at-home skincare to the next level, the Philips VisaPure Advanced features a tailored cleansing and care approach, delivering a pampering experience. This advanced facial cleansing tool comes with three interchangeable heads – Deep Cleansing, Revitalising Massage and Fresh Eyes – that work to improve micro-circulation, increase absorption of skincare products and refresh tired eyes. The near-field communication technology in the device automatically recognises and differentiates between the three attachments, triggering a tailored programme suited to it. The Philips VisaPure Advanced takes your beauty routine to the next level, leaving skin radiant, revitalised and healthy.

This is how I will describe it: 

It's so freaking awesome! BUY IT!

Lols, in much seriousness, every female should totally attempt to ask this as their birthday present/ anniversary gift from their other half if they can afford it. I let my Fiancé tried this, he enjoyed every single process of it. The machine is not that loud that it will put you off and it really feels somewhat therapeutic to a certain extend. It's also a super smart device that it knows how to differentiate between the three attachments because each head has different programming. It temporarily stops to notify you to change zones or done with the regime. They are also easy to clean by removing the heads and clean them with warm water and soap. The handle is not completely waterproof.

Besides that, the look of the gadget itself is simply gorgeous. I love the sleekness, clean and rose gold/gold detailing on it. Plus, the charging port is just smart, a beautiful way to display the gadget. However, I would appreciate it if they could come up with a cover for the storage palette (where I place the other heads when not in use). I feel it's a little to out in the open, easily contaminated by dust and etc.

Step 1: Cleansing
Zones: Left cheek, right cheek, forehead (20 seconds each zone)
The brush head is nothing really new but it is definitely softer than my Mary Kay's brush cleanser. It has 17,000 ultra-fine silky soft bristles and it's known to be 10x more effective than cleansing by hand. That's of course, it would be a problem if this brush doesn't clean better than my hands. I don't use this every day, I only use it when I feel I need a deep cleanse for my skin. Roughly 3 times a week.

Step 2: Revitalising Massage
Zones: Left and right cheeks (90 seconds each zone)
I put on my regular skincare first before I start using this massage attachment. Oh my gawd, it feels so good. Literally, feels like 750 gentle fingers taps per minute thanks to the head with 5 small balls on it. It helps to increase blood circulation and brings life to my skin. This program lasts for 3 minutes, Hallelujah! I always do this whenever I feel stress or just want to pamper myself while I watch YouTube videos or I go all out by laying on my bed and enjoy every single moment of it.

Step 3: Fresh Eyes
Zones: Left and right under eyes (15 seconds per zone)
What? 15 seconds per zone?! Nooooo. :( It's way too short. I always go for 2 rounds of this but I only use the first setting where the head only vibrates instead of having it vibrating and turning, which is what the second setting does. It delivers 120 nano-vibrations per second. It's very gentle, comfortable and refreshing to my eyes. Plus, the head is made of a special cool material, with a premium ceramic coating that gives tired eyes a boost of freshness in the morning, and well night! Because I work at night too.

Here's the charging port.

Check out how I use this product in this video below. It's somewhere towards the end.

Price and Availability

Philips VisaPure Advanced - RM1,399
Available at the following selected Sephora outlets:
Suria KLCC
Paradigm Mall
Sunway Pyramid
Mid Valley Megamall
OIO City Mall
KOMTAR, Johor Bahru
Gurney Paragon, Penang
Imago, Kota Kinabalu

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