Monday, June 20, 2016

I Can't Even Recognise Myself With This Hair Makeover!

I've decided to take a break from bleaching my hair as I want to grow out my natural hair colour as much as possible. It's either that or I might just dye it pitch black. I always thought black is boring but seriously other than it being easier to maintain, it's also very sexy yet innocent. I've just come to this point where I want a healthy looking locks that's easy to maintain. I've admitted so many times that I'm lazy when it comes to my hair. Thus, I'll accept any treatments and makeover that will help to bring life to my hair. Additionally, I was getting bored with my hair style, it was also shapeless, definitely time for a haircut. 

I was approached by PRO Hairdressing Team - Taipan Branch to try their service. I've decided to go for their Deep Layer 5 Step System Treatment that I know I will like because I've tried it before, full blogpost review click here. The only difference this time was that they went through my hair with a straightener after applying step 2 to make sure the products absorbs into each strand of hair better. Picture above are the products they used, it smells so good! Mentioned it before in my review blogpost that it has a floral scent with a serene musk undertone. Super calming. Picture below is how they use each product. 

Of course, the treatment made my hair felt really smooth and much more manageable. Though, it didn't felt as light as I thought it would be as compared to my previous session. I believe it's because they curled my hair this time around. 

Can we just take a moment and stay in awe with how having bang will completely change the way your look?! It's hilarious because everybody was like "Wow, I couldn't recognise you." xD It was definitely fun having a new look for a few weeks until the bangs actually grew out, I had to part them. Though, having full fringe reminds me off how I really dislike them because it's just too much work. I had to run through them with a straightener, almost everyday, to at least make them look decent. Thank God it grew out now, it's the perfect length and look that doesn't require much of my attention. #MyKindOfFabulous

The salon did a really good job and was friendly yet gentle to my scalp and hair. When I informed them that I had sensitive scalp, they made sure they were gentle when dealing with my hair. Also, my goodness, they do head and shoulder massages while washing your hair. Geez, it was the best feeling on earth! They totally gave my hair a good pampering and taming. My hair loves to clump up together in their own cliques, even after combing, they never like to look cohesive. Plus, the hair cut made my hair look longer, which is amazing. 

I don't deny that the location of the place is not the most ideal place but it's perfect for people working around that area. It's Taipan, it's the central for a lot of offices and shops. For others, it may be a hassle for you to find parking around that place. They do not have a parking spot specially prepared for customers, thus I would recommend to either do your hair early or set appointment time just after office hours, before the night starts coming to life as the area is also known to have pretty good night life with cafes, hawker food stalls, and mamak session. 

Check them out for all the first trial promotions! I'm very interested in their scalp care and cleansing treatments because my scalp seem to have a lot of build up recently. 

PRO Hairdressing Team - Taipan Branch
58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Selangor

Thank you for your great service!

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