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My Stay With TrupCotel!

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I was invited by TrupCotel to review one of their service apartment last month and I stayed at the Mercu Summer Suites KL, Malaysia. It was definitely a long needed break and at the same time, I needed a place to shoot a few of my YouTube videos that I personally don't think my current house is conducive for me to get them done. Also, aside from that, if you are wondering, this is the place where I got engaged! 

So many people asked Dexter and I where did we took our "Engagement Photo" where we had the beautiful KL Tower as our background. It was self shoot with timer at the balcony of this apartment. Dexter was sneaking enough to pick my work + holiday days to propose to me when he found out that the apartment had quite a view while shooting our #TehChamLee 3-Ingredient Nutella Mug Cake video. :D :D :D 

Engagement story will be in another blogpost (Check out the proposal blogpost here), coming back to TrupCotel, they are a one-stop property to tenant matching service that aims to ease the rental process for young executives. They provide rentals with a minimum length of lease of 1 week with no additional payments and no 3 months upfront deposit needed. You can rent fully furnished apartments with one price that includes monthly rent, utilities, free WiFi, free weekly housekeeping and access to building facilities. 

Here's a tour of the apartment!

Why Should You Choose To Sign Up With TrupCotel?

#1 Low Deposits 
Gone are the days where you need to pay 2.5 months of deposit before you can move into a new home. Low deposit of only RM399.00.

#2 Weekly Tenancy Period
Need a place for 1 week? No problem! They provide a minimum of 1 week stay and up to 2 years of tenancy. 

#3 Bills Included
No additional charges. Utility bills will be handled by TrupCotel so you don't have to worry about any extra costs. 

#4 Weekly Housekeeping
They provide complimentary weekly housekeeping!

#5 Online Payments
TrupCotel accepts payments via bank transfer and from all major credit cards - at no extra cost. 

#6 Quality Furnishing
They make the effort to ensure that the furnishings are done well. Fluffy pillows, cutleries, crockery, cooking utensils - all there and in good condition! Well, at least the one I stayed in is really all in good condition. No rusty cutleries and crockery, clean, fresh sheets and towels, cozy apartment, amazing air condition and free WiFi!

My Personal Experience

Booking my Stay
I have to admit, after visiting the website, it was a little bit tough to figure out how to actually book this place. Apparently, I had to send them a request of the dates I'm planning to stay. That's after signing up for TrupCotel. Then, they sent me an email stating that I have a match. They will match you to the closest choice from the request form I've filled in earlier. It took about 24 hours for them to get back to me with the match. Then, if you are okay with the location and place they have matched you, you'll reply their email and ask to confirm and for further process of payment and etc. At the end of it, they will send you a booking confirmation and a "welcome pack" in PDF to welcome you and to inform you of the rules and T&C. 

Getting the Keys
Here's the part where you should pay attention. I got a text earlier the day I'm suppose to check-in. Check-in time was stated 12pm and I replied that I will be reaching only at 1pm or 1.30pm. I went to the lobby of Mercu Summer Suites, thinking that it was the common way of checking in through the counter. It's not. So I called the TrupCotel person and had to wait for the TrupCotel person to arrive (didn't wait very long, around 10 minutes) to get my keys to the apartment. The guy was kind enough to lead me to the apartment and show me some of the details of the place eg: WiFi details and etc. He also informed me that if I can't pass the key to him during check-out, just drop the keys to the letter box behind the lobby area (he showed me which letter box to drop the keys). 

The Apartment
It's neat, cozy, and seriously amazing air conditioning. WiFi is working well, beds are clean and comfortable, even the sofa is quite comfy. I'm glad all their kitchenware are all almost new looking, I can't stand it when they are rusty looking and expect me to use them. So thumbs up for having good kitchenware. They even prepared some of the cleaning detergents as well as clothes detergent if you needed to wash your clothes. And omgosh, toothpaste, yup, a really nice touch for that as it really gives you somewhat a complete feel. The view, well, overall it's really nice but there's a construction going on on the right if you look outside the balcony, which is quite an eye sore during the day but it's not their fault that it's there. Other than that, of course the amazing KL Tower can be seen from the living room and the master bedroom.  

Building Facilities
Well, they have a nice looking pool area that was filled with non-Malaysians sun bathing and swimming during the weekends. Clearly, I was only there to take pictures and videos to show you how they look like. Lols. I was just too busy with my video shooting throughout the stay. Also, they have a gym that's quite cool actually and a pool/snooker table. Also, if you needed anything quick, they have an amazing MyNews store at the lobby that's filled with all kinds of food, beverages and etc. 

Check-out and Parking Drama
Their usual check out time is 10am, which seriously, who checks out at 10am, I'm probably still asleep. I requested a late check out time and was granted to stay till 2pm. Yeay! But the TrupCotel guy still came at 10am to ask about check out. =_= Anyway, it was all cool. So I ended up leaving the place at 2pm and dropped the keys into the letter box as mentioned earlier. As for parking, apparently they count by sessions and not per entry. I thought it was RM5 per entry. This is how you calculate: 

Day 1: 7am - 6.59pm (1 session) + 7pm - 6.59am (1 session) = RM5 + RM5 = RM10
Day 2: 7am - 6.59pm (1 session) + 7pm - 6.59am (1 session) = RM5 + RM5 = RM10
Day 3: 7am - 6.59pm (1 session)  = RM5
Grand Total = RM10 + RM10 + RM5 = RM25 

Trust me, I got a shock in my life when I put in my parking ticket. Then they explained to me the whole session thing, it digested better. I wasn't sure if they have free parking for tenants, I didn't ask cause I thought it's only natural to have parking available and waived but apparently not. I highly suggest you to check with the person you are emailing with if you need a parking spot. 

For more information, visit TrupCotel website.
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To check out more on rentals in Kuala Lumpur / KL, click here.

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