Tuesday, May 3, 2016

KOSE Sekkisei White BB Cream [Review]

KOSE is famous for their sekkisei lotion, which is a whitening kinda toner that doesn't really work well on my skin. To be honest, most of KOSE products doesn't work well on my skin. I personally think it's some of the ingredients in KOSE that my skin can't seem to tolerate. Though, I still do use the sekkisei lotion as a mask but rarely, probably about once every 3 months. It's pretty much till almost never because the lotion is really strong in scent and does sting my skin a little. Of course, I'm hoping it to be different for the BB cream.

It claims to hide blemishes and give a natural coverage. Brighten skin and is light in weight. Long-lasting, hydrating and cares for skin with oriental plant extracts as well as sunscreen properties.

To me, yes, it brightens skin and gives a really natural, light coverage. No, it's too light-weighted to hide big blemishes, just like most thin consistency BB creams or foundations do. It smooths out really nicely and the sekkisei scent to this is pretty distinct. Love the tip of the tube, it helps to keep me from squeezing too much out.

Personally, I do feel it's a little too drying for me. Comparatively to other BB creams, this is one of those unique cream that doesn't leave a dewy finish to my face, which is not something I prefer because my skin is on the dryer side of the chart. However, those with oily skin peeps will love this if you don't have a super sensitive skin. Reason being, this BB cream actually do sting my skin a little when using, and my skin do feel a little tight. So I'm planning to give this away to friends who want it cause I'm just not a big fan of this. 

KOSE Sekkisei White BB Cream SPF40 PA+++ comes in 2 shades and available at a price of RM105 (not including GST) for 30g in all KOSE counters.


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SammyGregory said...

Wow! I did not know that kose sekkisei has a BB Cream! I have tried the lotion mask in the past from b-glowing and enjoyed it. I may try this once my brand runs out.