Monday, April 18, 2016

Zenki Sushi, Bukit Tinggi Klang

I've always passed by this shop at Bukit Tinggi and have always wondered if it's any good even though I'm not much of Japanese foodie. I'm not the biggest fan of sushi and or sashimi, most of the time I'll just order their cooked chicken with teriyaki sauce, udon and gyoza, which I do like. So, I've decided to give it a try with my brother and mom when we wanted sometime different than our usual Chinese and western dishes.

By the way, this won't be an in-depth review of each dishes that we've order. I guess this blog post is going to be a short one with me giving my overall opinion.

When it comes to sushi, I can't give any opinions as I did not even touch them that night. Even if I do, I won't even know how to tell if it's good or not. To me, they look pretty similar to all the other sushi I've seen, RICE, RICE and more RICE! Lols, sorry, truly, that all I see. Don't get me wrong, I love rice but just not a big fan of Japanese sushi. Though, I'm super in love with seaweed sushi, the ones with vegetables and some chicken floss in them.

Wakatori Don with Garlic Fried Rice. Basically fried chicken with garlic rice that's really not too bad. It's also in a decent portion.

I usually will never miss ordering Gyoza in a Japanese restaurant. I think the gyoza taste alright but the sauce seem to be lacking something. Most Japanese restaurant will give the sauce a little twist by adding some kind of garnish to add some kind of flavour to it, which in my opinion do make quite a difference in the whole gyoza eating experience. 

Kake Udon... Omgosh, the soup is pretty delicious. It's light and really easy to drink, yet super addictive. Udon texture is average, I've tasted better. 

Price wise, I think it's pretty common and okay for Klang peeps. Overall the service was good and the place was quite decent. The food was alright, not the best, mainly cause I've tried better and truly authentic Japanese dishes before, but this is good enough for those craving for some Japanese cuisine and too lazy to go anywhere far or too lazy to get into Aeon Bukit Tinggi Mall for Sakae Sushi, that might even be packed with people. Quite easy to get parking around this block and free parking after 6pm and weekends. Plus, NO SERVICE CHARGE AND TAX!

Zenki Sushi Klang
41, Lorong Batu Nilam 5,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi,
41200 Klang, Selangor.


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