Thursday, April 28, 2016

Time Is What You Do With It.

I always knew CAT watches as one of those handsome tough time telling tool that looks amazing on men with good body built or men who want something that's durable. Caterpiller develops innovative and new high technology for its products including the stylish CAT timekeeping equipment products for active people. Constructed from the highest quality materials, CAT watches are developed to meet stringent requirements, without compromises. 

Each CAT watch encompasses cutting edge design and high functionality to offer a solid performance in a variety of active situations. Great for adventurous person and it has a great emphasis being attached to the casual and powerful design of the watch. 

Reliability, Quality, Durability, and Technology. Every CAT watch purchased comes with a cool toolbox looking box. 

Watch the Tough Test!

The Head of Caterpillar Timekeeping Equipment, Mr. Olivier Jeanbouquin was kind enough to introduce me to some of the latest collection and model. Also, at the same time, help me wear them on. What a gentleman. 

Going through their website, I believe they do not name their watches in some fancy names. Instead, they they number them. For example, the amazing one that I've selected is the PU.161.64.111 under the DP Sport EVO collection. It's stainless steel with a nylon fabric feel strap and it's water resistance of 100m. 

It's quite big and heavy for my arms but if I pair them up with some street style looking outfit, I'm sure it will work perfectly fine. Then again, I've decided to gift them to my younger brother because I believe it looks better on him. 

Yes, I absolutely do love their new campaign. It's true, time is really what you do with it. It's all about choices because we all have the same amount of time. Be wise and prioritise, not everything is as urgent as you think it is. Sometimes, it's out of our control, let go and let God do the impossible while we focus on the things that we can do. 

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