Monday, April 11, 2016

How Laser Removal Treatment Looks Like In Slow Motion...

I came across this video by Veritasium on YouTube and they love talking about daily stuff and explaining them in a more scientific term, which to be honest, is already super interesting but wait, they like going further by capturing everything up close and in slow-mo. WHATTT. That's just freaking amazing. 

This particular segment talks about how Laser Hair Removal actually works and ohmygosh, I almost felt the sting while watching how the laser burns his hair off. There were smoke everywhere!

It's really cool to have the opportunity to watch something magnificent like this but it definitely make me thick twice about trying laser hair removal treatment. Lols. Thank God there are other treatments such as IDO's Sumuzu Hair Removal (which I tried and reviewed) and IPL. 

Thanks Veritasium team for coming up with amazing contents! Support from me all the way! 


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