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How I Got My Underarm Cleared And Somewhat Whitened

It's common for a girl to want to have smooth, hairless, fair underarms. Reason being, it's easier to go sleeveless anytime (with weather like Malaysia, I think it make sense), it's less irritating as it itches less, and it's easier to control odour. Additionally for me, recently, I have been having some ingrown hair issues from all the epilating and quick shaving (because sometimes I needed a quick, no pain solution especially after a long time not epilating.) It has made my underarms looking rather unpleasant. I guess this came pretty timely because I was somewhat researching on places to do IPL treatments. Though, bear in mind that IDO's Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment is not IPL treatment.

I was approached by Ido's at the end of December 2015 to try out their latest and one of the greatest technologies from Japan. The word Sumuzu means smooth in Japanese and listed a long promising list of the advantages of Sumuzu Hair Removal treatment, you can read them as below: 

3 Features
Excellent result
Durable result
No side effects

4 Guarantee
Money back

5 Benefits
Reasonable price

Of course, we should always just take these promotional promises with a pinch of salt and I'm looking to work on my underarm hair, so why not try it out especially when they are totally okay with me going to their Botanic Klang outlet. Hallelujah, I love it when my reviews are in Klang. 

As stated on the flyer, it uses phototherapy of narrow range of wavelength that delivers energy to selectively heat up the dark melanin of the hair follicles, damaging the hair follicles without causing major injury to the surrounding tissue. 

So I was given 3 treatments, once a month. So here's my journey:

1st Treatment (January)
The place was easy to find cause it's hard to miss the big Ido's sign just opposite Aeon Bukit Tinggi. Parking was fantastic cause for some reason, particularly that row is not usually pack with people. They have 2 entrance, went in to the wrong one (watch my video at the end, you'll know what I mean), so walk out and walk in next door. Spoke to the PR person a bit and sign some papers. I was led to a treatment room and changed my top. 

Now, before I actually agreed to this treatment, I did some research and nothing much came up but pretty much most of it said that it's painless. So I was totally ready for an absolutely relaxing treatment. Then the PR lady say it may feel bit stinging at the bones area, I was like okay cool, should be no problem cause I did pretty decent number of treatments in the past that were painful as crap and still got through it like a freaking heroin. 

Also, before the treatment started, they had to shave for me because I didn't know I had to shave first. Then, they applied a cooling gel to protect the skin so the applicator does not have direct contact to the surface of the skin. And then shit got real, just as the process started, I got a shock because it was quite painful! Walau, I had to consciously tell myself to bear with it just for a few minutes, it felt like a work out. I told the therapist and she say it's because my hairs are really thick and dark thus it can be a bit painful. I was like =_=... what happen to painless? But it totally make sense because it did say that Sumuzu burns the dark melanin, it's different with each case, it's just unfortunate that mine is crazy thick and dark. 

Less than 10 minutes (even though it felt like forever), I was done. Omgosh, I was so happy it was over. One thing for sure, the treatment was really quick!

The machine that made my armpit clear from hair.

Applying cooling gel

My first treatment was quite painful...

2nd Treatment (February)
One month after my first treatment, I was kinda dreading to walk in for my second treatment cause of my experience from my first treatment BUT I also was super excited cause I could actually see the difference even from the first treatment itself.

After the first treatment, allow the remaining hair to grow out on its own and shave them off. Slowly, I realise that there were not much hair growing and looking pretty smooth after all the remaining hair grew out. Additionally, the red spots have the change to properly heal! I was AMAZED! (Watch the video at the end and you will understand why)

For the second treatment, I was smarter already, I shaved the day before. Just before the treatment process started, I was so ready to endure the pain. 3, 2, 1... *Applicator touched the skin* Ehh... It wasn't painful at all. OMGOSH, IT WASN'T PAINFUL AT ALL, IT WAS TRULY PAINLESS. It caught me by surprised. I told the lady and she said it's because I have less dark melanin now, so it doesn't hurt.

After 5 minutes, I was done. Walked out of the place with all smiles.

3rd Treatment (March)
After the second treatment, I was so proud with my smooth and handsome underarms. It's literally whiten and red spots are totally gone. Only a few strands of hair grew occasionally but it's the super thin and soft type of hair. It's pretty much invisible. I was so happy the treatment worked so well and my armpits feel so comfortable.

Went in for my 3rd treatment, feeling rather sad because it's my last treatment. Similarly to my 2nd treatment, it was completely painless unless the therapist leave the applicator on the skin too long, it might feel a bit hot. Within 5 minutes, I was done and out.

So far after 2 weeks, it's still treating me quite well, somewhat bald still with the occasional thin strands of hair growing that's pretty much unnoticeable. I think it may only last for a total of 4 weeks before the bulb or hair follicle grows again.

As you can see, red spots cleared, skin whiten and smoothen!

Watch my second treatment video here. Jump to 5.10

Price: RM300-RM900

Though, I asked specifically for underarms and I believe it's RM300 for underarm. I believe they have promotions, thus, go ask for it on their Facebook or visit an outlet near you. 

Locations of IDO's Clinic: Visit this link.

For more information, visit or

*Treatment was provided for review. I was not paid*

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Fion Paris said...

i am also planning to do IPL treatments as my underarms are HORRIBLE. and they have been like that forever OH GOSHHHHH

Fatin Syaza said...

Thanks! Looking forward for Idos clinic review and here it is. Found ur blog and it's very helpful. Keep.sharing :)