Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Adidas Climacool Deodorant Is Pretty Amazing!

I was at this event last year and got a bunch of these as my new deodorant. It's known as the best long-lasting deodorant by Cleo Singapore and it didn't really hit me until recently of how much I do like this.

This anti-perspirant spray is athlete-tested. They claim to have advanced capsules in its formula that aren't just citrus-scented (which I absolutely love), they are also activated by friction, sweat and humidity. WHART?!

When you move, the capsules break, releasing a burst of freshness. Which means, the harder you work, the better this deodorant performs. Geezzz, how cool is that!

Of course, when we are there at Avenue K Rooftop, we'll have to take some random pictures with Malaysia's famous Twin Towers!

Dexter and I!

 Celine and Matt! T'was a fun double date!

They have in a spray (150ml) and roll-on (50ml) version for men and women. Of course, my fiancé loves them too. He likes the female version too and kept one spray in his car for us to refresh ourselves whenever needed. Glad I finally put this to good use!

Adidas Climacool Women Deodorant Spray - RM15.90
Adidas Climacool Women Roll-on - RM8.90
Adidas Climacool Men Deodorant Spray - RM19.90
Adidas Climacool Men Roll-on - RM8.90

Available in most hypermarket, supermarket, pharmacies and etc. You know, the usual places. Try checking out stores like Watsons as they may have some discounts going on.


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