Friday, April 22, 2016

A Good Night Street Snack At Bukit Tinggi Klang

One fine day, after a good jog with my Fiancé, we'll usually find something light to eat instead of going all out like we used to. Again, he'll bring me to places nearby to eat that I've never tried before. It's not that I've never eat Lok Lok or FAT ONE BBQ Food Truck before but I've just never stop by the one in Bukit Tinggi that, yet again, I've passed by ample times but never stopped to taste them. 

A rough count, there are probably around 30-40 choices of food on skewers, each ranging from RM1.40-RM3.70. As usual, you identify how much each cost by checking the colour marked at the end of the skewers. 

Red - RM1.40
No Colour - RM2.20
Blue - RM3.20
Green - RM3.70

It's common to have two types of soup based, clear and spicy, accompanied with various types of sauces to top it off just before eating. Take a stick and dip them into the pool of boiling broth of your choice and allow it to sit there for a short few minutes, letting it cook through. Take it out once you feel it's done. No surprise, I knew very well what I want, it's usually quill's eggs and tau kee (fried bean curd) for soup. 

As for the barbecue and somewhat fried part, how can you not have some bak kua tasting meat, pork belly and bacon! Oi... it's soooo good...

If you are thirsty, just beside the food truck, there will be another truck selling drinks and desserts.

Don't throw the sticks after eating them, you'll have to gather your sticks, pass to the owner for payment. He'll count the sticks like a pro.

And well, no surprise that this truck attracts people because it's such a heavenly simple street food that's quick and easy. Though, I'm still not changing my mind that these kind of Lok Lok trucks are kinda overpriced. I think we had about 6-7 sticks and it's already RM16-ish. If you are a heavy eater, seriously, please go have a good, proper meal. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful snack if you are looking for something light.

FAT ONE BBQ Steamboat Food Truck, Bukit Tinggi Klang
(Always parked outside RHB Islamic Bank and Berjaya Sompo Insurance)
I believe only starts business around 6pm onwards. Maybe later but mostly at nights.


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