Monday, March 28, 2016

Sheep Placenta Extract For Your Face!

I've did some research. Apparently Kim Kardashian, Harry Styles, and Victoria Beckham absolutely love to go for Sheep Placenta Facials. In fact, it's known as 'the most perfect treatment" as it's suppose to be super hydrating and nourishing according to Beverly Hills aesthetician Louise Deschamps for these A-list celebrities. It plumps the skin and make you leave feeling glowy and fresh. 

So when I was contacted to try out the Chantelle Bio Placenta from Australia, why not give it a try. I have never heard of the brand Chantelle nor have I tried Sheep Placenta extract before but I've known celebrities loving it by watching loads of YouTube. 

Chantelle products are an exclusive powerful formulation made up of Australian sheep placenta extract and anti-aging collagen. It's a natural way to make your appearance younger and healthier. Chantelle is a brand under Careline Australia Pty Ltd that's one of the leading Australian companies specialising in natural skin care. 

How it works? The pure bio-active, natural placenta extract collagen has similar molecular structure to the skin's collagen so the body is able to absorb and recognises it as its own. Thus, it's easily and readily penetrates into the sub dermal skin layers which allows effective assimilation by the skin to fortify the restoration and recovery of the skin by replenishing and increasing collagen regeneration. It's ideal for anti-aging. Particularly for this serum, it comes with grape seed extract and vitamin E too. 

I'm just gonna say it, I really don't know if it helps to make me look younger but I do like the fact that it truly absorbs into the skin COMPLETELY. It does what it say, it's easily and readily penetrates into the sub dermal skin layer. Usually, I try to have something that could leave some moisture on the surface layer too because of my dry skin but for a serum, I don't mind it being fully absorbed as it's meant to work with my collagen beneath the epidermis. It doesn't take long to for it to penetrate into the skin, just a light massage will do. The texture of the product feels a little strange, it feels somewhat like oil but it's completely oil either. I'm not quite sure if I like how the product feels on my hands but it absorbs completely into the skin anyway, what do I care how it feels on the skin. =_=

With this, I don't do the usual rub between fingers first before applying. I go straight to doing drops onto my face and work it in immediately. Also, I did not see immediate results for this product. I believe this is one of those skincare items that you will need to continuously use for a long period of time before you can see any kind of changes. Plus, although I'm into the whole anti-aging skincare products because I'm of the age of needing it already, I think this will work better for mature skin type. Maybe someone above 35 or so. I have no idea how much this cost because it's not stated anywhere in the website but feel free to drop them an email to enquire.

Website: Careline Australia (Direct link to this product)

*This is not a sponsored post. Product was given but opinions remain my own.

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