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I was trying to do an unboxing video for my YouTube Channel on the Ring Light that I've just bought from because I'm sure a lot of beauty bloggers/youtubers in Malaysia will like to know more about it and how it looks like. The unboxing turned out to be an EPIC FAIL when the light bulb blew while I was trying to switch it on for the very first time! Geezzz. Video as below and feel free to read on further down this blog for more information about this ring light. This is quite hilarious xD

If you’re only interested to watch the EPIC FAIL part, go straight to 4:37. You’ll love it.

The pricing is slightly cheaper now when I checked it again to print screen the website. 

Anyway, I placed an order for a ring light, a shotgun mic and some accessories on the 6th March 2016 (Sunday). I've been wanting to get them for the longest time and I felt that it's time to actually own these items as it could greatly benefit the quality of my YouTube videos. I've been diligently uploading videos for the past 2 months now and I'm totally loving it. 

The shotgun microphone arrive first with the box slightly dented but works perfectly fine. 

Then two days later, on the 17th March 2016, my ring light arrived! I was extremely excited! Immediately, I ran to my room and started filming an unboxing just to show my viewers of what my ring light looks like and will I recommend them to people to buy?

This is the direct link to the ring light I've bought from Lazada:

Firstly, I will have to say, the shipping service was quick because I was expecting for it to only arrive in the first week of April but it arrived 2 weeks earlier. How is that not exciting, right? 

On the downside, for some reason, the product was badly packed. There wasn't even a FRAGILE sticker on it. Other than that, I was pretty impressed with the bag and how sturdy the ring light looks when I first took it out. NOTE: There was no instruction, no paper, no manual in the package as stated on the website. NADA. ZERO.

Fixed it up... Plug it in... then BAM! *watch the video for the full effect* The ring light blew! =_= GREAT... It took me a while to digest what actually happened... It was so funny yet slightly traumatising. My fuss tripped, thank God no injuries and no one being harmed.

After this, I will be filing a report to about this and of course, show them my amazing epic fail unboxing video for them to investigate and hopefully, return me my money. After this, I don't think I want to receive the same ring light model. I just want my money back. Period.

Thank you :)

*UPDATE after the incident* How did Lazada responded? 
Lazada Malaysia got back to me within 2 days with a confirmation that they will refund me full in cash but it does take 5-7 days to get my refund. Also, they sent someone to collect the ring light from me. Additionally, I given a "sorry voucher" of RM100 for my next purchase. 

I spent my RM100 voucher ordering some educational stuff for my nephew and niece (product arrive the next day), a humidifier for my room and a spider phone holder thingy (I have not received these two items yet, but I'm not worried. Probably just takes longer). 

Then I got a call from the Lazada PR VP (I think, I remembered it was someone with position), she was kind, apologetic about it and she thinks my video was pretty cute (aw... thanks :D) even though it was an unfortunate incident. I told her I was just glad that Lazada will be refunding me cash.

I received my full cash back within 4-5 days after returning the item. Now just waiting for my other two things to arrive. 

All in all. Thank you Lazada Malaysia for the effective and efficient responds. :D


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Unknown said...

Gosh... it's scary... Luckily you are not injure...I saw some camera shop they are now selling this ring light...May be you can buy from a shop...
I wish to get a ring light as well but they are too big in size for me 😊

Unknown said...

Thank God you're all right!
That was scary!

Deelicious said...

I was about to buy this!!! OMG!!!!!

Happy walker said...


jhayjhaze said...

The ring light looked great until it exploded. Oh my. So did you file a report already? How did Lazada react?

Jean said...

Omg.. This is really epic! Luckily it didn't hurt h or what!!!!

HuonHengChai said...

The unit you have is a 110v and in Malaysia. we are using 220v.
that's the reason why it blew

karenelin said...

And.. tht is why I dont buy ANY products from Lazada because previously I spotted a really cheap camera and they actually posted the exact features from the official website, and even the photos are original photos from official website. so I tot, maybe they're having clearance sale or sumtin. After making payment, I started to feel uneasy about it so I called up Lazada to inquire about the camera. It turned out that the camera was a fake camera, tht they just took the details from the official website bt the real camera aint looking like tht, and aint original. I was so furious about it I asked for refund, thank God they refunded me instantly bcos I purchased two of them!! One for me, and one for my sis! I nvr trusted Lazada ever since. I noe how cheap they're selling and all, bt their quality is really bad and u nvr knw if it comes from China or so. Thr is no warranty or any guarantee given. Gosh! Thank God u're alright man!

Jenny Ma said...

OMG!!! OMG!!!