Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hits & Misses: Vegan, Biodegradable, & All Natural Australia Products [Review]

I received this beautiful box about a month ago and when I opened it, I kid you not, I was swept immediately by a heavenly breeze of lavender scent, mainly came from the bar soap. My goodness, I was intrigued. I question, will I like this box of all natural product? I'm usually not quite keen with such things. Well, I wasn't all wrong but I wasn't fully right either. There was something different about this that I actually do like.

There were three products in the box - Handmade Lavender Soap, Rose Geranium Body Lotion, and Rosemary and Mint Shampoo. A little background about The Olive Tree, all their skin care products are vegan, biodegradable whilst using the highest quality natural ingredient sourced from plants. Specially made in Australia, the brand is strictly against animal testing. They are cruelty free and their products also do not contain the following:
  • Palm oil
  • Parabens
  • Petroleum
  • Phthalates (I honestly have no idea what this is)
  • Sulfates (SLS, SLES, etc.)
  • Synthetic colours and fragrances
  • Harmful chemicals and preservatives

They also provide FREE shipping within Malaysia with any purchase and free shipping to ASEAN countries with minimum nett purchase of USD$60. If you are interested already without me rambling about my thoughts on some of their products, feel free to check them out at theolivetree-organic.com, and no, I'm not paid or affiliated to promote this link.

Rosemary and Mint Shampoo (500ml, RM79.90)
Let's start with the shampoo since it's the only hair product I've got. When I saw Mint, I went YESSSSSSSS, thank you Lord! The product doesn't smell much of rosemary, the mint scent totally overpowers the other ingredient, and I absolutely love it. The shampoo thick liquid comes out clear with a hint of light yellow and lathers pretty well. Although, I was hoping for a "BAM" kinda cooling feeling on my scalp but it wasn't too bad, considering it's natural, that slight refreshing feeling after shampooing was satisfying enough. It has just that slightest hint of cooling effect and it cleanse my hair pretty well, definitely not one of those that leaves your hair feeling unwashed. The scent doesn't linger long on the hair, most of the time it get overpowered by my conditioner scent. I've grown to quite like this product. 

Handmade Lavender Bar Soap (+/- 100g, RM24.90)
They gave me lavender probably because it's the most universally acceptable type of scent. I don't deny, I do have a weak spot for lavender other than having it as tea or in my food. It has been ages since I've used a bar soap to cleanse my body, seriously, I never really liked them because I have to handle them with extra care. Not forgetting the ample times a bar soap slips of my hands and ended up in the toilet bowl. But after trying this out, I'm quite willing to let go of my horrific bar soap incidents. This soap is a fantastic piece of goodness for my skin, it felt heavenly. It cleanses just at the right amount without completely making me feel as if my skin have been stripped off of my natural oils. And yet, still managed to make me feel as if I'm properly moisturised without feeling unclean. That well balance thing is quite hard to achieve with a bar soap. Of course, it smells heavenly as lavender is great for calming and soothing effect. Besides that, it's said to be antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. If given the chance, I would wanna try the Tea Tree Handmade Soap next because it claims to have healing and antibacterial properties, might want to try them on my face. 

Rose Geranium Body Lotion (250ml, RM69.90)
This is one product that I don't really care for. It smells nice and all, and yes, probably very stress relieving and moisturising... but that's pretty much it. It's a nice product but to me this is just another body lotion. It does its job in moisturising my skin and that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are not a strong advocate of all natural products like me, then you might want to think twice because it's quite hefty for a price of a body lotion. Though, if you are super ons for the whole vegan and all natural things, then yes, this is probably something you will invest on.

For me, personally, it's a miss. I don't think I'll pay that much for a bottle of lotion. I'd rather steal those free hotel lotions because they work just fine, and... some of them do come in lavender scent too. Lols, I'm not a cheapo (or at least I don't think I am) but I would totally do that because I'm just one of those 73% (according to a study done by Hilton) hotel guests that takes home toiletries and according to this article by Nomad Wallet, it's perfectly fine! In fact, there 32 more free hotel items they have suggested me to take home! xD

For more information or purchases, visit website theolivetree-organic.com or Facebook at facebook.com/theolivetreeorganic. Tell them I said hi! *waves hand*


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