Saturday, February 27, 2016

#OOTD - Off Shoulder Little Black Dress

Good Day Everybody! Let's start our Monday with a little black dress! Lols, okay, it's probably a little gloomy to start the week with something black. xD But I've just been meaning to get this OOTD pictures up on my blog because my boyfriend did a super fantastic job in taking my pictures, thus here's my way of appreciating his work. :D 

If you are wondering where I got my outfit from... read on! 

What I Wore:
Dress -

This dress is not only beautiful, it's also super easy to wear. Looks super feminine and girly, and I don't have to worry about the tummy sticking out if I had too much to eat that day. Plus, off-shoulder dresses/tops looks amazing on me, they are one of those trends that I can definitely pull off without hesitating. Plus, it has POCKETS!!!!! Hallelujah! But I don't recommend placing heavy stuff like your phone in as it will look very unsightly. Things like tissues and papers are alright.

The only thing is that the dress is made out of cotton type material, making it super prone to wrinkles, it's a must to iron this dress before wearing them out. Good news is, if you are not too much of an OCD like me, because the dress is black, the wrinkles are not too obvious if it's minor.

As for the fabulous genuine leather bag, I got it online from Carlo Rino's official online store and my gorgeous pink/nude heels are from Jelly Bunny. As much I do love how it looks on my feet, I need to find a way to ensure that the back of the shoe strap stops causing friction with my skin.


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Miriam Goh said...

Dexter definitely did a great job in capturing your photos babe! Love the off shoulder dress on you and yes.. Same thoughts about jelly bunny heels! Have to prevent blisters from forming at the back