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Hits and Misses: Nakeup Face Makeup from Korea [Review]

I was approached by Nakeup Makeup a few months back to try and review some of their products. I'm super excited of course, it's makeup shipped all the way from Korea for me. However, to say I'm a 100% in love with their products will be a lie. In fact, I do have a few unpleasant things to mention for your information sake. 

Before we go into the review, first I will have to give them two thumbs up for their shipping service. It was quick and really well packaged. Nothing was broken with all boxes looking new upon arrival. Unless you understand Korean language, you can't actually figure much out of their website. Thankfully, Nakeup Makeup is now available on and everything is in English! Yay! AND... it's free shipping for all! Double YAY!

All the products look amazing, physically. Their minimalist concept definitely did caught my attention. My only issue is that their labelling are all in Korean language, if you have more than one of the same range product, I'll have to memorise by numbers. Darn, I dread thinking about it now. You'll see what I mean as we go on further in this review. 

Bear in mind, I'm not dissing their products, it's a review thus it's personal preference. I do not like certain products doesn't mean it won't work for others. As mentioned, I do have a few likes and dislikes.

Let's start with the basics, foundation. On 11Street, they call it the Waterking Cover Cushion and they have two shades, I got mine in Light Beige (21). Since the day I realised how convenient a Cushion foundation can be, I've been going crazy about it. I very much would like to love this product but unfortunately, this is a miss for me. It's something about the formula that makes my skin feels heavy and cakey immediately after application. I've tried all kinds of technique but my skin just goes bleh. Additionally, I'm not a big fan of the smell of this formula. It smells very crayola, I guess it's somewhat a waxy smell if you need a reference. The puff was quite a let down as well, tried it two times and that was it, it made the application super uneven. I give up trying, it's now collecting dust in my room... somewhere.

I kinda shy away from this a little when I learnt that I wasn't quite happy with the Cover Cushion because this Aura Volume Essence BB Stick do have that similar scent that held me back. I took a darker shade because I wanted to do the whole contouring thing but I realised it's a little too glowy for contouring but it's not all bad because moist bases are good, at least in my books because I have very dry skin. Thus, this does help me to achieve that Korean super glowy moist look.

I think overall for their bases, it could be due to their formula that's probably more suited to be used in cold, dry countries due to its great moisture finishes. Just not quite right for the Malaysian weather.

They call these the Eyegloss and I went "cool, I want to try those". It claims that it's coated with waterlight and something, something, sparkle vaseline light... I have no idea what they are talking about but they look amazing, stays on super well, and takes some effort to to learn how to use this. The thing about this is that it comes out liquid but dries rather quickly once you've spread it out. So you will have to work very fast with this. I do have to layer on quite a bit to get a slightly more opaque finish but truly, it looks beautiful if you can get it right. I won't give this fully a thumbs up but it's an okay product. 

You see that beautiful bottle on the top left in the picture above? That's the Waterking Aqua Oil Mist and it's quite nice because it gives an immediate boost of moisture especially when you have been in a A/C room for really long. It will be perfect to bring this on flights if they come in a small packaging because we all know how being onboard sucks the life out of our skin. The difference between this and other mist is that this comes with the mix of Argan Oil where it keep the moisture staying on the skin instead of having regular mist evaporating off to thin air. Again, this is best use in a cool, dry environment. A lot of celebrities in Korea like this product and it's a hit for me!

Finally, the line of lippies. These are the One Day Water Volume Lip Ink and I have pretty much the whole set of it. Seriously, these are amazing. They are long lasting nifty little thing, they tinting effect is pretty crazy. Even after application, the colour stays vibrant for a really long time and doesn't stain cups while drinking once it's fully set. The colours are very much Korean bright colours, even the no makeup colour is pretty pigmented coral. Some precision are needed when applying but hey, if it last long, definitely worth the slight effort. Plus, I do like the scent of these lip inks, smell like cherry. Each of the products comes with a sticker that connects the cap to the body to ensure that it's new.

It's not overly drying and it does finishes somewhat matte-ish even though it's stated "water" lip ink. After a few hours, it will start to feel rather dry and I will have to apply on a clear gloss or a balm over it to keep it moisturised. What really bothers me about this is the labelling. I mentioned earlier that if you have more than one product from the same line, you'll get crazy confused as it's all in Korean language and numbering. Even with these 6 lip inks, I can't remember what number is which, then only way to know what colour are they is to keep the box, which I probably won't cause it just takes up too much of my vanity space. I might just cut the top of the box label and stick it on the product, looks ugly but whatever. 

Overall, I wouldn't say it's the best brand for makeup but if anything, I will recommend the mist, lip ink, and maybe the eyegloss. The downside to these is that it's pricey, like very pricey. I don't even know if it's worth spending that much because there are so many dupes out there that are probably half the price and available in Malaysia for us to see, touch, and try in person before committing to invest in a beauty product. Especially with our Ringgit getting weaker, we'll just have to be a little wiser with our spendings.

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