Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4 Things That I Like From AsterSpring Other Than Their Facials

I have been a fan and a legit paying customer for AsterSpring's facial for some time. I used to love going for facials at their Signature outlet in Paradigm Mall while I was working nearby that area. Only recently, I've decided to switch my regular facials to a place in Klang because I've gotten comfortable with the therapist in that particular place. Plus, I've never really had enough opportunity to try the AsterSpring services in Klang that made me want to stick to their packages. 

Anyhow, I still do like AsterSpring as a whole and I had the opportunity to learn more of what AsterSpring have to offer other than just their great facials. Check it out!

#1 Travel Friendly Products
If you dig through my travel bag of toiletries, I can assure you that there are at least 2 travel sized products that are from Dermalogica. To begin with, Dermalogica is an amazing skincare line that they use for their facials. Thus, to have them in your travel bag is rather luxurious. I always have their cleansing gel and multi-active toner spray with me, even if it's just a trip to the gym or a sleepover. Besides that, it's a brand that everyone believes in. Thus, I'm proud to share them with my friends when they forget to bring theirs cause I know it suits most skin types. And I've never had any issues with the packaging, they've never burst or leaked in my bag. Thumbs up! 

#2 Vitalzyme Drink
I've just recently discovered this and holy moly, it taste fantastic! If you have a thing for sour-ish drinks, you'll love this too. It's an enzyme drink with 100% natural blend of 120 fruits and plants with key benefits of removing toxin, boost digestion, reduce fatigue and lethargic feeling, and strengthen immunity system. The best part about it is to add a shot into a glass of your favourite juice, making your very own perfect mocktail!

#3 Tisserand Aromatherapy Products
They are 100% pure organic, finest essential oils and authentic aromatherapy from UK. Well, that explains why are they so pricey to begin with. They have a face oil that I've used for many years when I was younger. Now I own a Roller Ball and 3 bottles of essential oil for burning or diffuser to help me de-stress and stay calm. I just love pampering myself with scents, it totally give me that zen feeling that everybody needs in this chaotic world. However, as mentioned, it's quite pricey, I personally think you can get similar great oils that's from Australia. 

#4 Davines Simple Packaging
To be completely honest, I'm not head over heals for this haircare range because I haven't try them enough to actually find out if I like their products or not but I do want to give their packaging a thumbs up as it's super simple and clean. They are products from Italy and they are quite an advocate towards using natural ingredients as well as sustainability in beauty.

Thanks for the tour AsterSpring!

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