Friday, February 12, 2016

4 Luxurious Gold Age Defying Bodycare That I Love From Linden Leaves!

Linden Leaves is a well known high end market brand made famous previously by their beautiful face and body oils. Recently they've launch the new Linden Leaves Gold Range that's scientifically proven to boost collagen production, minimising wrinkles and fine lines. Focusing heavily on pampering our beautiful body, Linden Leaves Gold Range features age defying amaranth, red rice and chia, and luxurious 23kt gold. Yup, GOLD for your body!

Why Linden Leaves Gold?
  • Restore your skin's vitality.
  • Specially formulated to minimise and delay signs of ageing.
  • The active ingredients can increase moisture retention, improve regeneration, and support collagen synthesis for younger, firmer, and healthier looking skin. 
  • It's enhanced with genuine 23-karat gold leaf for a luxury skin indulgence. 

Linden Leaves Gold Range comes with 6 products in total but here are my top 4 favs...

#1 Gold Body Oil
This is the highlight of the range. Gold Body Oil with Amaranth and Chia is a treatment body oil enhanced with amaranth oil to hydrate the skin and improve moisture retention while Chia's nourishing essential fatty acids helps firm and soften the skin - delivering a long lasting radiant glow. (150ml, RM219)

#2 Gold Toning Face and Body Mist
This is a refreshing mist enriched with amaranth and red rice to help hydrate and restore skin vitality. It's also enhanced with natural witch hazel and chamomile to soothe, nourish and tone. (100ml, RM169)
#3 Gold Shimmer Mousse
It's a crazy gorgeous rich mousse designed to give a definite shimmer effect as well as help increases collagen synthesis to improve skin's elasticity and tone. It also comes with organic cold pressed chia oil for optimal skin nourishment. (150ml, RM249)

#4 Gold Body Lotion
Another shimmery product but with a lighter effect. Similarly enhanced with natural red rice extract to increase collagen synthesis, and certified organic amaranth protein to visibly improve skin hydration and moisture retention. (150ml, RM219)

Swatches for the lotion (left) and the mousse (right)

Product packaging for the mousse and bath salt.

My thoughts...
The oil, lotion, and mousse are all in the same category where they serve to moisturise your body. For me, it's an easy sure win with the oil as it's the only moisturiser that doesn't comes with shimmer. As much as the lotion and mousse are absolutely gorgeous with an amazing texture, I don't think shimmer works for me, unless I'm going out for an event or something. However, if you like that look, feel free to get them as truly, they are beautiful moisturisers that works fantastically. Other than that, I'm also all for the mist that can be used anytime of the day, before or on top of makeup. 

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