Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Last Christmas, I Participated In The Bene Box Project!

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Last Christmas, I took some time off with Dex to spend a Saturday morning at Caffe Bene Gamuda Walk with the Butterfly Project Bloggers and a few kids from Yayasan Seribu Harapan Malaysia. This was the 2nd phase where we actually get the opportunity to meet the children while phase one was done earlier to pack the gifts for the kids. You'll probably see it as nothing much, but hey, it's definitely a meaningful moment for me.

Caffe Bene
Caffe Bene
Caffe Bene
spending time with underprivillaged

Our table was way beyond noisy! I love it! Everyone was just having fun, sharing yummy gelatos (yup, it was actually really good, try the vanilla and yogurt flavour), singing tamil ice-cream songs... All these little princesses taught us more tamil words so we can order more food in mamak. 

Bloggers malaysia
Blogger friends

Group Photo!

After sending the kids off, we bloggers had a little catching up session ourselves. It was probably the best time to chill and update each other about our lives. The best thing about being a blogger is that you'll meet more people and once in a while, you'll meet some that you genuinely do life with. 

I will have to say, I'm not a big fan of Bingsu. I personally don't like it, just as when everyone was crazying over Snowflakes, I'm just not one to jump into that bandwagon. Too much ice. Though, I can't deny that the outlet in Gamuda Walk is actually pretty cool. They have a cool hidden spot that's totally Instagram worthy at the corner back of the outlet. It's a little warm but the lighting is perfect! Additionally, I've also tried out some of their other stuff on the menu. Their waffles and fraps are pretty good. 


toast and tea

A girl love frap

Thanks Caffe Bene Malaysia and Butterfly Project for making this happen!


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