Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas & New Year Fashion Haul!

I'm blessed to have this opportunity to collaborate with for my Christmas and New Year outfits! Don't worry, they are all very wearable even on normal days. Nothing too crazy or costumey. My fashion style is very simple and easy, I personally believe in wearing clothes that makes you comfortable. I hardly go all out in accessories, even though I do have tons of it in my collection. 

I managed to pick out a shirt, skirt, dress, coat, and a pair of shoes within the budget of RM400. I could have more in my cart if I didn't had the wanting for a fabulous brown coat that cost me half of my budget. Judge me all you want, I probably won't wear it in Malaysia because the weather is just way too hot but hey, a girls got to get what she wants and I definitely did not regret being a proud owner of this good looking Burberry inspired coat! I'm a happy girl! 

Navy Blue Checked Dress with Sheer Sleeves

This dress is very comfortable to wear and easy. However, at times, it does give you that slight tummy, pregnant looking if you are bloated. Partly because this dress is almost a shift dress design. It doesn't show too much curves. It's a breezy material that's suitable for hot weather.

Beige Oxford with Chunky Heels

I love this shoe! Been wanting an oxford for the longest time. I'm a size 5 and it fit perfectly. Plus, RM32 for a pair of Oxford is so affordable! 

Khaki Burberry Inspired Coat

For the price, it's a freaking good quality coat. Material is sturdy and solid. Definitely will be able to keep you warm should I visit a colder country. It's so stylo. 

White Shirt with Puffy Sleeves (RM26) and Dark Green Skater Skirt (RM23)

I adore this outfit! The puffy white shirt totally brings the cuteness out of me. Also, to my surprise, the white shirt quality is pretty decent. I don't even need to wear an additional singlet inside, a nude coloured bra works. It doesn't show my innerwear at all. The green skirt is a thick knitted kind of material and it's super stretchy. However, both comes in free size, thus, it may not fit everyone. 

Overall, my thoughts on

Yes, I'm going to be honest, I do agree that the name Cincaibuy sounds absolutely doggy. However, I do think that they did a good job in making its website looks decent and definitely feels much more safe and trustable. They do have a lot of choices and selections for both men, women, and even kids. Pricing wise, a good range of cheap to pricy.

A tip, don't just immediately buy when you see something you like. Add them to cart, then go on scrolling through all the items till the end. Because I realise that they do have some same items that are of different pricing, thus, I highly recommend taking your time in shopping at CincaiBuy because you never know what kind of good deals you can get.

As for material wise, I'm actually pretty happy with all the items I've purchased. They do have that certain quality to it that is worth what I pay for or even better actually. The only downside is probably not all having various sizes to pick from, some only comes in free size.

When it comes to service, they do need time to get it shipped from overseas or to be more specific, China. Mine took about 3 weeks to arrive. It is stated in their shipping terms on their website that it takes at least 10-14 days on normal circumstances. However, all items arrived safely and no major issues. I mean for the price you pay, it is still worth buying if you are in no hurry because the quality is really not too shabby.

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*Fashion items are given, I'm not paid. All opinions remain my own.

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