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Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Mega Moisture Trio [Review]

First of all, I think the packaging looks simple and pretty. It's great. However, I can't fully rave them as my absolute favourite products, probably because the products are gel based and my skin is not quite friendly towards gel products even though it's made to quench my parched skin.

Indeed Laboratories are products exclusively sold at selected Watsons in Malaysia and they are paraben free, fragrance free, colourants free, and sulphates free. The products are not tested on animals too. They do have a range of products that targets various skin concerns, I suggest that you get to the counter at Watsons and check them out yourself because Malaysia did not bring in all of the available products presented on their website and social media pages.

Now, the Hydraluron Mega Moisture Trio targets dehydrated and dry skin. It claims to have five scientifically proven ingredients that provides instant and sustainable moisture, mainly the famous Hyaluronic Acid, allows you to retain x1000 times its weight in water within the skin. It's meant to make your skin feel softer, more supple and radiantly glowing.

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly (RM105)

Hydraluron Serum (RM115.60)

From what I can tell you is that the Moisture Jelly feels thicker than the Serum. They are truly scentless, which I know appeals to a lot of people out there, especially ones with sensitive skin. I personally do really want to like this but I feel that it will work better for people with oily skin. As mentioned, my dry skin is not very friendly towards gel products. As much as I really like the good quality ingredients in it, my skin just can't agree with it or at least I can't use these two products alone. I must apply another cream product over it to at least allow the surface of my skin feels moisturised.

Because both products absorbs really well into the skin. It almost doesn't feel like it leaves any residue on the surface, which I know a lot of my oily skin friends love that feeling. Unfortunately, not quite me though, thus, I have been using this along with a skin finisher or another cream moisturiser to fulfil my skin's needs on the epidermis layer while Hydraluron products as a way for me to target my inner skin layers. This method works better for me!

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (RM21.10)

As for their mask, I actually do quite fancy it. The mask sheet itself is really thick, thus, you will have to fully be laying on your back and chill while having this mask on. It says to leave on for 15 minutes, I think I left it on way longer, till it feels a bit drier. Even with that, there are still goodness soaked in the mask, so I went on and wipe the used masked all over my body. 

I have to say that this mask does give me that immediate moisture boost that I need. Really, it feels amazing. However, if you are in a hot and humid weather, I highly suggest doing it before you go to bed instead of during the day when you are planning to go out because this can feel slightly heavy on your skin, thus rest and give your skin time to enjoy the pampering. However, if you are living in a cold country and it's winter, by all means use them everyday! 

I guess the only final thing I can say is that they are rather pricey. Or at least in Malaysia, it's pricey. So be very sure by checking it out yourself first before actually purchasing them. If you ask me, I will probably only highly recommend the mask because I do absolutely love it. 

For more information, visit Indeed Laboratories website or Facebook page

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