Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Precious Gift From L'OCCITANE & PIERRE HERMÉ This Christmas!

Omgosh, I can't help it. They are too beautiful! From the box to the packaging of the products, truly luxurious looking little things. However, the scent itself are rather distinctive, it's either love or hate it. Thus, it's probably tough to gift them for Christmas. It's better to just buy them to pamper yourself. With that said, here are the two limited edition products that I received - Jasmin Immortelle Neroli handcream (30ml, RM41) and Pamplemousse Rhubarbe EDT (75ml, RM275).

Jasmin Immortelle Neroli Handcream (30ml, RM41) [in yellow]
The Jasmine Immortelle Neroli range is known as the more feminine scent set. It's pretty much an overwhelming Jasmine in a tube, with a hint of softness by the wild Orange Blossom. If you love the scent of Jasmine, you will love this range! The range also comes with:
  • EDT 75ml - RM275
  • Shower Gel 250ml - RM88
  • Body Lotion 250ml - RM127
  • Shimmering Body Powder 20g - RM180
  • Perfumed Soap 50g - RM24
  • Lip Gloss 12ml - RM41

Pamplemousse Rhubarbe EDT (75ml, RM275) [in green]
Think citrus fruit clarity merges with Rhubarb sharpness... Lols, even I have no idea how to picture that scent. Let's make it simpler, think Grapefruit with a hint of woody notes of Cedar. It's known to be suitable for men and women but again, it's very distinct. I can't say that it's a scent that everyone will like. Other products that comes with this range:
  • Shower Gel 250ml - RM88
  • Body Lotion 250ml - RM127
  • Perfumed Soap 50g - RM24
  • Handcream 30ml - RM41
  • Lip Balm 12ml - RM41

Gift Sets Selection
It comes with a beautiful macaroon inspired box and three products from each full-sized Fragrance Set (EDT, Shower Gel, Body Milk) for RM490!

My personal favourite from L'OCCITANE is the Almond Velvet Serum for body. Goodness heaven, I was hooked on that luxurious glass bottle for God knows how long. It smells absolutely amazing! Check out my review on the Almond Velvet Serum here!

Order online! Check out L'OCCITANE Malaysia's website for more information.

*I'm not paid. Products were given.

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