Wednesday, December 30, 2015

4 Things I Love About The Estée Lauder #BeautyPlayground !

My oh my, Estée Lauder Malaysia reveals the first in the world concept store in Sunway Pyramid! Calling it the #BeautyPlayground, the idea is for you to go in and PLAY with SKINCARE and COSMETICS! Of course, at the moment, the store is surrounded by elements of current 'it' girl and face of Estée Lauder - Kendall Jenner. It's rare for me to actually feel influenced by a celebrity but I do actually love Kendall. Have you seen her latest commercial with Estée Lauder? She's gorgeous and funny!

There are six play areas, Glow On, Get Polished, Strike a Pose, Glam Up, Mix and Mingle, and Chill with Kendall Jenner. Though, I personally have 4 personally favourites. 

#1 Get Polished

The first play area that caught my eye was this wonderful stand with filled with lippies and polishes! It was displayed so beautifully that I had to stop and try on as many nail colours and lip colours as possible while being inspired from the tablet available. Funz!

#2 Mix and Mingle

Holla, I'm quite a fragrance kind of girl. Thus, the hall of EL fragrance fame! I have been intrigued by the Modern Muse Perfume for the longest time, I love the packaging and chic-ness of it. Thank goodness they smell heavenly! Otherwise, I'll probably be temporarily depressed due to bubble bursted and expectations not met. Lols.

#3 Gift Ideas

From a full set of lip glosses to miniature perfumes, their gift sets are beautifully packed and ready for check out! Grab and Go, easy for men and fabulous for the ladies. I was so tempted to get one of those, but my dark circle tells me to get their amazing Double Wear Concealer in full size. 

#4 Glam Up

Makeover! A beauty playground will never be complete without a makeover station. Here, you'll get to speak to well-trained beauty specialists from the 'Dream Team' to discover personalised secrets to makeup and create looks that's uniquely you!

Additionally, don't forget to check out the Estée Lauder e-commerce site for promotions and exclusive stories on Kendall Jenner on its editorial platform.

Thank you Estée Lauder for having at the launch of the #BeautyPlayground! I had fun running around with my girlfriends and playing with makeup. 


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