Thursday, November 5, 2015

RoLeaf - This is how I like my Premium Tea.

I go both ways, I love coffee but I also love a good cup of tea. I usually opt for tea when I'm full, on diet, or when I feel like coffee is a little too rich for that moment in life. It's amazing because unlike coffee, I don't feel any guilt from drinking too much of it. It's the type of beverage that I can indulge in over a long conversation or the times when I just want to sit back and unwind. 

I'm not very particular about my tea, however, I know I'm pretty classic. I believe I prefer simpler taste when it comes to tea, mainly the usual Japanese Green Tea, Genmai Cha, Jasmine, Black, Oolong, Ceylon, and etc. Nothing too floral and nothing too colourful. I love the scent and the looks of the floral teas but definitely not consuming it, eg: Rose, Lavender (omgosh, I cannot), and etc. Yeah, I'm kinda weird that way. 

I agree, the above picture looks like it's different kinds of pots. xD !!!!! But I can assure you that they are premium teas by RoLeaf. Samples for me to try a few of their best sellers. Obviously, I've removed Rose and Lavender from my sampling list cause they are just not my cup of tea. It was also pretty obvious for me to sample either soothing sencha or peach green sencha first. 

Here's a little description of each tea I've tried:

Soothing Sencha - A fine Japanese green tea from the Shizuoka perfecture of Japan. Refreshing and smooth with slight roast flavours. High in antioxidant and Vitamin C. 
Something simple that I adore, a very traditional taste that's suitable for any occasion. I believe my family will also love this especially during our bak kut teh sessions!

Peach Green Sencha - Sweet Japanese sencha with fruity and peachy flavour. Mild stimulant, without causing insomnia or nervousness. 
For a little twist in my favourite green tea, peach works wonders in most cases. Definitely very summer, very refreshing. In fact, the peach scent from the tea reminds me to stay happy yet elegant. I love it! 

Rooibos the Robust - Translates into Red Bush, is a popular herbal beverage from South Africa. Rich in health properties, and naturally caffeine-free. Can be enjoyed with a slice of lemon, milk or honey. 
If you were to ask me, I can say this tea is perfect for afternoon tea sessions. Imagine, scones, jam, sipping Rooibos... That's the life. I love it with lemon and honey, gives a citrus twist that's absolutely refreshing and soothing to the throat. 

Peppermint Leaves - A herbal tea which has been drunk for centuries. Soothing and refreshing, it's appreciated for its powerful microbial properties which aid digestion. 
Smells Christmasy to me. It's something I would like to have when I'm having that time of the month. It's soothing scent helps to ease my under-the-weather mood and the hot tea comforts my belly. 

Teas I did not try:

Lemongrass & Ginger - Zesty and bright lemongrass contrasts the spicy flavour of ginger to create a refreshing and wild taste sensation. Both herbs have anti-inflammatory properties and are believed to bring about a calming effect in relieving insomnia and stress. 

Ravishing Rose Petals - A delicate blend of black tea and rose petals, high in vitamin C and can be served with honey. 

Revered Purple Lavender - A distinctive blend of black tea and lavender, it's relaxing and soothing. Beautiful liquor with a rich floral aroma. 

I'm a huge fan of these pyramid teabags. The quality is amazing! They are biodegradable, which allows more room for tea leaves to expand while steeping, bringing out its finest taste and fragrance. 

About RoLeaf
They believe nature is a gift for all mankind. Thus, always pursue to obtain its finest produce and to make it attainable to all. They are a luxury concept incorporating a distribution network which includes the esteemed elite, tea enthusiast and everyday drinker, offering a large variety of teas from many various countries. The team aspires to make every cup of RoLeaft tea a memorable and refreshing experience for the customers, while sowing into society's needs as they are too, passionate about giving back.

You can order the teas in loose form or in tea bags for convenience. Just check out their website and order them online. They provide world wide shipping and free shipping for orders above RM130 in Malaysia. Also, I love the fact that each tea comes with clear pictures and descriptions! This is extremely helpful for tea noobs like me.


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